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    600-seater multiplex hall is filled to capacity for Peepli [Live] a film that has no stars, is about a remote village, and the promo material has made it obvious that one cannot expect any glamor out of it. We know now that the 'we serve masala because that is what the audience demands' days are numbered. **fingers crossed** Yes, the crowd seemed to be enjoying the film. I understand that 'enjoying' is a rude word to use when you are talking about a film based on others' misfortunes. But it seems only valid, when you see people laughing at dark joke cracked along with the huge roar of laughter every time a cuss word is used.

    Once the novelty of seeing everyday talk on screen wares off - the whole-range of Hindi foul language, the young easily-amused boys giggly girls do get involved in the rotten situation that our state is in - at least more involved than one could imagine most of them in reality. Pathos of the central character comes through without him having to speak more than 5-10 lines in all of 100 minutes.

    Such subtlety runs through Peepli [Live]and every once in a while reminding you of the moot point it's trying to make. The obvious commentary on the unintelligent coverage of issues by the media, to the absolute ridiculousness of Government yojanas (subsidy/benefit/upliftment programs) is continuously punctuated with references at the level underneath.

    It is up to us then, to dig deeper. Going just a skin-deeper there's a ton to see: Contrast between two strong women - one urban, one rural - one empowered and 'master' of her life if not others, the other at the mercy of the feeble men in her life; suicide must not come easy to farmers close to death either; left to the mercy of news-creators a dying farmer's feces and Saif Ali Khan's smooch are competing for headlines - is everything that hunky-dory?; all is not lost for there is a conscientious young bureaucrat/politician/journalist out there. His soul has not on sale, at least not yet; there is more hope because the simpleton will rise and make his own decisions despite the entire world wanting to take advantage of his situation; and on and on and on.

    So many things are being said at once - using the lyrics, the music, the backdrop, the props - that in the first five minutes you decide to stop being overwhelmed as you promise yourself another watch to grasp more. This first time I decided to absorb the surface. The performances are so close to reality that it almost feels like a documentary. The focus is on developing and presenting the situation rather than building characters and their arcs. The photography adds to the 'real' milieu by having a home-video feel - with the intentional shakes and jerks.

    There are some exaggerations, no doubt. And they make the film a little too slapsticky for my taste and also for the tone of the film. Then again, they are only an extension of what we've seen in real life or read in the papers. The newsy nature and the manner in which the situation rolls out also makes the film predictable.

    So, what next? A teeny-weeny bit more than 'nothing'? If even one bureaucrat/politician just scratches his head after watching the film, [Peepli Live] should consider itself successful.

    Audience? Hopefully, it won't be mere fashionable to like the film. Hopefully, a few of us will go beyond our 'jobs'. Even if it's not to take on the task of improving a nation, at the very least we can begin and continue to be an audience that demands films out of the ordinary - be they good, bad, or ugly - Peepli [Live]is all three, not in quality but because of its gritty content.

    Parental Guidance:

    Violence: None
    Language: Abusive language throughout, as a regular part of dialogue
    Nudity & Sexual content: None
    Concept: The state of affairs in the interiors of our country.
    General Look and Feel: Grim and rugged.
    Detailed Ratings:

    Direction: 4
    Story: 5
    Lead Actors: 4.5
    Character Artists: 4.5
    Dialogues: 4
    Screenplay: 4
    Music Director: 5
    Lyrics: 5

    Peepli Live - Movie Details

    Official Website:no name wants you to click here
    Banner: UTV Motion Pictures, Aamir Khan Productions Pvt Ltd
    Producer: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Ronnie Screwwala
    Director: Anusha Rizvi, Mahmood Farooqui
    Lead Cast: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuvir Yadav, Farukh Jaffer, Shalini Vatsa
    Supporting Cast: Golu, Deven, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vishal O Sharma, Malaika Shenoy, Sitaram Panchal, Jugal Kishore, Naseeruddin Shah, Parul
    Story: Anusha Rizvi
    Screenplay: Anusha Rizvi
    Dir. of Photography: Shanker Raman
    Editor: Hemanti Sarkar
    Action Choreography: Javed Eijaz
    Music Director: Nageen Tanvir, Ram Sampat, Indian Ocean, Bhadwai Musicians, Brij Mandal
    Lyrics: Sanjeev Sharma, Swananda Kirkire, Brij Mandal, Bhadwai Musicians, Noon Meem Rashed, Gangaram Sakhet
    Running time: 100 minutes

    Categories: Hindi Movies
    Genres: Social, Noir, Dark Comedy, Politics, Satire
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    Aamir Khan production’s Peepli [Live] released in theatres today. The movie won rave reviews from the critics. Everybody who has seen the movie said that for a debutant director, Anusha Rizvi did a fabulous job with the script. The movie just showed how things are. It did not get preachy or did not add any unnecessary dialogues.

    If you are among those people who enjoys commercial cinema with actress wearing short dresses and dhinchak item songs then this movie is not for you. Those who would enjoy cinema with a good story would like this movie very much. Natha lives in a small village named Peepli and he is about to lose his land, his only source of income, for being unable to repay his debt. When they went to the local political leader, he drove them away. Then Natha’s elder brother, Budhia, tells him to commit suicide for the honor of the family. Election is coming up and the moment, when news of Natha’s suicide spread out, media people and politicians from everywhere come downs to Peepli. Each has their own agenda but nobody thinks about poor Natha.

    Aamir Khan deserves a lot of credit for picking up such a subject. His marketing genius helped the movie to get lots of exposure. Though a low budget movie, Peepli [Live] has a story to tell.

    Accept Naseeruddin Shah, the movie did not have any heavyweight Bollywood actors but all of them including Naseeruddin played their part very well. Omkar Das Manikpuri played the role of Natha very well. He did not have too many dialogues but with his simple expressions and short dialogues he portrayed his frustration and helplessness.

    Overall, Peepli [Live] is a great movie to watch. It has a story to tell and the comedy is very enjoyable.
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