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    Thumbs up Movie Review: Shahid - A Gritty Biography

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    Story :

    The story of this film revolves around Shahid (Raj Kumar Yadav). The impressionable youngster dabbles in right wing ideologies and heads to POK, to join a terrorist training camp. However, the young Shahid is disillusioned with the philosophy of violence and jihad. After he escapes from the camp, he is picked by police officials as a suspect in a terrorist plot.

    After being acquitted of the charges, Shahid decides to become a criminal lawyer. He starts fighting for the rights of people falsely accused of being terrorists under draconian anti-terrorism laws. While he becomes the darling of human rights advocates and the victims, the mood of the society is quite different. In the wake of rising communal violence and terror attacks, Shahid is targeted for his defence of people accused in terror plots.

    Shahid endures personal attacks, a fraying marriage and even death threats in his fight for justice. What happens in the end? What price does Shahid pay for upholding the spirit of law? That forms the story of this movie.


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