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    Default Movie Review: Rockstar

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    Star Cast:	Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhiri, Shammi Kapoor, Kumud Mishra, Piyush Mishra and Shernaz Patel.
    Director:	Imtiaz Ali
    Producer:	Dhillin Mehta
    Music Directer:	A R Rahman
    Genre:	Drama / Romance


    Rockstar traces the journey of Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) which is full of ups and downs. In order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a rockstar, he realizes the fact that successful musicians follow the mantra of no pain no gain. So, he forces himself to fall in love with Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhiri) and eventually heart-broken so that he churns out good music. However, destiny has something else in store for him. While Heer gets married and settles in a foreign city, on the other hand Jordan realizes his true love for her thus, torn between love and career. But, again, as he decides to leave his career for his love, she leaves him alone forever.

    Story Treatment: With flawless first half courtesy engaging narration which strikes a good balance between flashback and present moments, Rockstar starts on a very good note. From Delhi college culture to scenic beauty of Kashmir with some extremely fun-filled dialogues, Rockstar surely rocks in first half but falls on the face as second half begins. Transitions and inter-cuts lasting for almost 25 minutes make it a boring affair as the filmmaker seems to be beating around the bush with a strange stagnation in terms of storyline.

    Star Cast: Ranbir Kapoor proves himself to be the apt choice for the role. He carries the entire film on his shoulders. He induces life in his character and matures from an idiot college boy to hard-hitting rockstar. Nargis Fakhiri shows spark in her performance although there is scope for improvement. Shammi Kapoor leaves an indelible mark in his small but pivotal role. Kumud Mishra as Jordan’s well-wisher and PR plays his part well. Piyush Mishra is hilarious as usual. Shernaz Patel as Heer’s mother looks convincing.

    Direction: Imtiaz Ali begins Rockstar with a plot which looks like a replica of ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ where Katrina who realizes love for Imran few moments before she is about to marry; likewise, Nargis too goes through the same feeling for Ranbir. But, the director here switches gears and brings the movie on another track with Jordan (Ranbir) scaling new heights in his career which is indeed interesting. But, again, with so many loopholes in terms of doctor not able to justify Heer’s (Nargis) death and no logic in police chasing Jordan in a foreign country where he has committed no crime where the audience will be left assuming and presuming things, Imtiaz Ali disappoints.

    Music/ Cinematography/ Dialogues/Editing: Music already creating waves totally syncs with the flow of the story and is soothing. Cinematography and dialogues are the high points of the film. The camera captures the beautiful Kashmir valley very well and above all, the intense expressions of the characters which again are indisputably the lifelines of the film. Dialogues as mentioned earlier are funny and catchy worth claps during the watch. Editing could have more crisp in second half.

    3 Ups and 3 Downs: Power-packed performances especially Ranbir Kapoor for whom this movie will surely prove to be milestone, hilarious and some intense dialogues, cinematography and music are the strengths. Totally clattered post interval sequences, non-crisp editing and screenplay are the drawbacks.

    Overall, Rockstar is a one-time watch and worth a treat for both fans and non-fans of Ranbir Kapoor who does justice to his character at every moment in the film.

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    Default Tweet review, first day, first show

    One of the most awaited films of the year, 'Rockstar' was released today. The film is a litmus test for Ranbir Kapoor who will be seen as the sought after musician Jordan aka Janaradhan Jakhar. The leading lady of the film Nargis Fakhri is looking to carve a niche in Bollywood with the film.
    IBNLive Movies Editor Rituparna Chatterjee was there inside the theatre on the first day, first show to live tweet the experience.
    Here's the tweet review of what is being called a career-defining film for Ranbir Kapoor.

    10.27 AM Catching the first day first show of Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoors #Rockstar. Watch this space.
    10.30 AM A tweet review coming up of what could be Kapoor's career defining film. The lonely & sometimes angry quest of a musician for immortality.
    10.33 AM Will Ranbir be able to reprise the story of his personal hero Jim Morrison in #Rockstar?
    10.35 AM A hall packed with youngsters eagerly waiting for the first #Rockstar show. 'Sadda Haq' t-shirts all around!
    10.36 AM Film opens to cheering fans, street graffiti and huge posters of Jordan in brick tiled city. #Rockstar
    10.37 AM The elusive Jordan's first entry is a brilliantly angry scene high on Octane that sets the pace for the film. #Rockstar
    10.39 AM Salvation army boots, harem pants and a Gibson guitar - Ranbir is Jordan. #Rockstar
    10.42 AM Jordan is Ranbir. That we know in the first scene but this is about Janardhan Jakhar the dimwit who idolizes 'Lizard King' Jim Morrison.
    10.44 AM AR Rahman is as much a rockstar in the film as Ranbir Kapoor as the opening score 'Jo bhi mai' proves. #Rockstar
    10.47 AM Rahman is in every scene! He is on an ugly brick wall pasted with Led Zepellin posters. #Rockstar
    10.51 AM An artiste is born out of pain. 'Jab dil ki lagti hai na tab aati hai jhankar'. Simple surmise. #Rockstar
    10.58 AM A superb flamenco sequence at a college dance show - nothing could have done better justice to the pretty Nargis Fakhri. #Rockstar
    10.59 AM But Nargis Fakhri's acting leaves much to be desired. #Rockstar
    11.00 AM At the heart of the film are the dialogue. Really witty and crisp. But Nargis' acting grates on the nerves. #Rockstar
    11.14 AM A heartwarming tribute to Shammi Kapoor's 'Kashmir Ki Kali' sequence. #Rockstar
    11.21 AM Ranbir Kapoor is a revelation. His slow transformation from a dimwit looking for a heartbreak to an elusive star is excellent. #Rockstar
    11.25 AM Pushed out of home the true search for angst begins at Nizamuddin Dargah. #Rockstar
    11.26 AM The stains of 'Kun Faya Kun' is essentially AR Rahman. Mohit Chauhan's honeyed voice leaves a deep impact. #rockstar
    11.27 AM The first glimpse of Shammi Kapoor leaves a lump in the throat. #Rockstar
    11.28 AM Ustad Jamil Khan Shehnai maestro, Padmabhushan, meets Jordan in a poignant scene. #rockstar
    11.29 AM Image is everything, Jordan is told. Brand is all. Ustad Khan spots the spark in him. #rockstar
    11.30 AM Europe awaits a man in search of glory. I am not a Ranbir fan. But he has worked hard for the film. His gradual transformation is proof.
    11.35 AM The stunning Prague may well be India's next tourism destination. #rockstar brings back memories of 'Jab We Met'.
    11.36 AM Flamenco, gypsy, electro-pop, Sufi folk, the music overwhelms, 'Hawaa Hawaa' is an inspired track. #Rockstar
    11.37 AM Nargis and Ranbir work visually as a couple but her stuttered acting is as infuriating as Ranbir's is endearing. #Rockstar
    11.37 AM 'Saadda Haq' may be touted as the next youth anthem but 'Hawaa Hawaa' is Imtiaz Ali's basic footprint in the film. #Rockstar
    11.37 AM Two individuals exploring friendship in Prague. Waiting for it to develop into something more meaningful. #Rockstar
    11.38 AM #Rockstar is about a directionless youth's wanderings in search of an aim.
    11.38 AM At interval #Rockstar is not so much about heavy metal or realising the short-lived dream of rock great Jim Morrison.
    11.39 AM The Sid of 'Wake Up Sid' is back in some places. But even as not a Ranbir Kapoor fan, he is the pull of the film. #Rockstar
    11.40 AM After Spain in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Prague tourism will definitely get a boost after #Rockstar
    11.40 AM Ranbir alone breathes life into a script that wanders. #Rockstar
    11.46 AM A couple of guys sitting next to me have bunked college to catch the first show of #rockstar. All in 'Sadda Haq' tshirts of course.
    11.49 AM Taking the story of Janardhan forward, he upgrades to a longer haircut, an earring and is much easier in his skin. #Rockstar
    11.52 AM Does he find the heartbreak? His music is infinitely better. 'Is lamhe kya kar jayu' is a dark number. #Rockstar
    11.53 AM 'Meri bebasi' he sings even as he tries to makes sense of his physical attraction to Nargis. Her story is of course twisted. #Rockstar
    12.06 AM The hall erupts with the first strains of 'Saadda Haq' #Rockstar
    12.09 AM The full blast of the 'Saadda Haq' hits you with some brilliant guitaring by Orianthi. #Rockstar
    12.13 AM It's a shame to see the 'Free Tibet' banner blurred. Very few films have taken a stand on Tibet. #Rockstar
    12.15 AM A scene where Ranbir strums 'dum maro dum' for a group of prostitutes is one of the few brilliant moments in the film. #Rockstar
    12.21 AM A heart wrenching jugalbandi of shehnai and guitar between the late Shammi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor. #Rockstar
    12.24 AM Jordan the bad boy of music arrives with a bang at the film's major turning point. #Rockstar
    12.31 AM India does not have a rockstar, at least one whom crowds chase across town. #Rockstar
    12.32 AM There is no Jim Morrison in #Rockstar. But it aspires to tell the story of India's first ever rockstar.
    12.33 AM This film reminds us more than ever why there is a need for a musical, a good one. #Rockstar
    12.36 AM In its core, Rockstar like all of Imtiaz Ali's films is an honest love story. Ranbir is truly a revelation. #Rockstar
    12.38 AM Disappointing is the lack of Hindi rock despite lilting background score. #Rockstar
    12.39 AM Is this Rahman's best? This is definitely Rahman's most different. #Rockstar
    12.49 AM Mera dil nahi tootna chahiye, Ranbir says in the film's climax, an ironic twist. #rockstar
    12.49 AM This is a film that drags on unnecessarily when it could have been better edited. #rockstar
    12.51 AM Little glimpses of the #Rockstar. But when Ranbir give the middle finger salute to the media in a scene he is at his angry best, literally.
    12.53 AM 'Ghar aaja' track is rock fusion brilliantly shot. Rahman is the #Rockstar.
    12.55 AM As a stadium sings back ghar aaja there is a moment of complete silence when Ranbir morphs from a good actor into a great one. #Rockstar
    12.57 AM The grief and the deep sense of loss is there. But at 3 hours the film is too long a saga of love. #Rockstar
    12.58 AM As the credits roll, lyricist Irshad Kamil take a bow for 'jitna bhi mehsoos karu tumko...' #Rockstar
    12.59 AM This is Ranbir Kapoor's best yet. A lump in the throat moment for Shammi Kapoor's Bismillah Khan portrayal. #Rockstar
    01.04 PM Overall Imtiaz Ali has pulled off another good film but lost the chance to take the story of the rock music forward. #Rockstar
    01.28 PM This film had the potential to be a great rockumentary. Jim Morrison, another day. #Rockstar
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