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    Default Movie Review: Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

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    'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi', as the title suggests, is a story of four people in Mumbai, whose lives are screwed up for different reasons. Salman (Kay Kay Menon), a helpless son wants to take revenge of his parents' murderer. ACP Chautala (Manu Singh), an ambitious police officer is in a struggle to prove his worth to seniors. Amol Ganguly (Ranvir Shorey), a Bengali, is freshly heart-broken from a relationship and is on the verge of committing suicide. And lastly Dolly (Neha Bhasin), an aspiring actress from Chandigarh, who is cheating people in order to survive in the city of dreams. How will their lives meet and what happens then is the rest of the story.

    Story Treatment:

    Screenplay writer doesn’t waste time to establish the plot thus, 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' begins on a promising note. But, as the story flows, a certain uncomfortable numbness seeps in due to the stagnant plot, which finally ends with a very loosely knitted climax. What further compounds to the misery is the sequence of very promising actors; Pradhuman Singh, who tickled the funny bone of one and all as Osama Bin Laden in his debut film, and Ranvir Shorey, who bores one to death. The only saving grace is very well treated African narcotic drug case which ACP Chautala is unable to crack.

    Star Cast: Kay Kay Menon lives up to the expectations of his character and plays it well. Ranvir Shorey looks extremely uncomfortable in a Bengali guy’s avatar, so much so that at time he sounds more of a Parsi. Pradhuman Singh acts well but is completely wasted in illogical situations. Manu Rishi acts well and manages to put light-hearted moments in the film. Neha Bhasin springs up a surprise with a decent performance as a debutant actor. Sharat Saxena essays his role well.


    Rakesh Mehta fails to induce life in a poorly written screenplay. As a dialogue writer, though, he earns some brownie points, especially due to the ACP Chautala case. The jerks in the course of the film, as the director moves from one sub-plot to another, are quite glaring, which further makes one disinterested. Unperturbed despite being aimed by the gun makes Ranvir look foolish, and further when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend hits him despite saving her life.

    Music/ Dialogues/ Cinematography/Editing:

    Music doesn’t help at all, in fact, it further ruins the mood of the viewer. No song is worth recollecting. Dialogues, as mentioned arlier, somehow make the film a tolerable watch. Cinematography is A-class with some nice, eye-pleasing camera moves. Editing at some parts is good, but doesn’t create a significant impact either, as the lengthy plot says it all.

    3ups and downs:

    Barring few performances and dialogues, nothing in the film manages to strike the chord. Poor script, boring screenplay and music leaves 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' in a very risky situation.

    On the whole, Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi leaves one uncomfortably numb; so, enter the halls at your own risk.

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