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    Default Movie Review: Kya Yahi Sach Hai

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    The story revolves around Raghu Kumar (Rajiv Roda), who is a young trainee Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. The IPS officer and his wife resolve not to earn bribes in the police, but when Raghu goes to the district police in Kolhapur and then to Mumbai police, he starts confronting the real picture. What he comes across is a profound nexus of police, bureaucrats, power-brokers, and politicians - all hidden by a glittering curtain of ‘Rule of Law’ and administrative sophistication. He further becomes the victim of power and whether he will get justice, remains the question?

    Story Treatment:

    The story is predictable, but an effort to not preach or teach anything while narration is commendable. Also, an attempt at trying to make a real movie adds few brownie points. However, an extremely dragged storyline makes the attempt tasteless. Few scenes are an evidence of making the narration filmy and make you wonder about the overemphasised display of situations.

    Star Cast:

    Rajiv Roda exhibits emotions moderately and tries to do justice to the character. Bobby Vats makes his presence feel, while Saurabh Dubey also leaves an impact as a helpless police commissioner. Shalini Chandran is effective with her portrayal of a strong wife and is convincing with her emotional scenes.


    The director has tried to be loyal to his intentions, however, poor characterisations and below average acting take away the chance from the director to grab attention. An over stretched narration of every scene makes the movie a dull affair. YP Singh shows the life of police officers in a quite true to life manner.


    Dialogues are mediocre and leave no impact. Cinematography is decent, while had the editing been crispier, it would have definitely helped the final product. The songs have very little to offer; Woh Sunehare Din is soothing on ears. Tere Pass Hai Danda Toh Mere Pass Hai Bumm is an attempt to add an item number to the flick. Overall, expecting less is the best way to avoid dissatisfaction.

    3ups and downs:

    A predictable and long-drawn-out storyline is one of the biggest drawbacks of the movie. However, a true attempt to make a different flick could be a reason to watch it. Neither big Bollywood names nor sufficient publicity will also act like a hitch for the film.

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