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    Default Movie Review: Chaurahen

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    Chaurahen is the story of different people, set in cities like Mumbai, Kochi and Calcutta. Itís revolves around Faroo (Ankur Khanna) and Ira (Soha Ali Khan) from Mumbai, Dr Siddharth Bose (Victor Banerjee) and his wife Radha (Roopa Ganguly) based in Calcutta and Nandi (Karthik Kumar) and his family (the Nairs), who live in Kochi.

    Story Treatment:

    The stories in Chaurahen arenít interrelated, but run parallel. The narration goes extremely weak, while getting delivered on to the screen. There is no high-voltage drama and the movie fails to create any emotion even though it has a certain realistic and arty treatment given to it. Different cities with different people concept makes it difficult for the viewer to establish any connect with the film.

    Star Cast:

    Soha Ali Khan seems to have opted for a role, which emphasizes on the simplicity of the character. However, the actress gets no scope to perform. Ankur Khanna is effective in a scene that showcases extreme obsession with the memories of his dead parents. Victor Banerjee and Roopa Ganguly have played their parts well, while Kiera Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin) leaves no impact with her debut. Karthik Kumar has delivered sensitive emotions effortlessly, especially in the scene where he discloses his sexuality. Zeenat Aman is totally wasted.


    Rajshree Ojha, who gave Sonam Kapoor a semi-hit, fails to impress with Chaurahen. The directorís attempt to treat the cinema in a different manner is clearly visible, but the intentions go miserably wrong. Rajshree fails in making use of the star power she's blessed with and the film looks like an unrefined attempt of presenting something never done before.


    Chaurahen is a Hinglish film, mainly dominated by English (with hardly any conversations in Hindi). Few dialogues are hard-hitting, but fall short to convey the right emotion. The movie is about 87 minutes with no music or songs to add to the emotional backdrop.

    3ups and downs:

    The Hinglish format of the flick trims down the chance of a larger audience goung for it. Lack of a strong story to support the cast is another reason one should keep away from the ticket window. Even actors like Soha and Zeenat fail to leave an impact. It can only be tolerated by their fans, who can endure anything to watch them on-screen!

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    Default are oki..but the trailor looks promising though...

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