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    Default Movie Review: Chaar Din Ki Chandni

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    Chaar Din Ki Chandni begins with Maharaja CV Singh (Anupam Kher), who is proud of his royalty and is rigid about marriages in equal class. His lazy sons Mukul Dev, Sushant Singh, Chandrachur Singh and Harish forcefully live up to his terms and in bargain, enjoy the royal status. His only educated son Veer (Tusshar Kapoor) is too in awe of him, but falls for Chandni (Kulraj Randhawa) while studying in London. Veer brings Chandni to his mansion in Jodhpur, where out of fear, he introduces her as a journalist, who is interested in covering his sister’s royal wedding. Now, will Veer gather guts to announce his love to father or remain mum forever, is the rest of the story?

    Story Treatment:

    Too much of old wine in a new bottle defines this flick the best. It runs short on originality, both in terms of substance and style. In the age, where Indian cinema boasts of out of the box and techno savvy concepts, films like Chaar Din… come as a shocker with a thin plotline which revolves around a 'Hero', 'Heroine' and a villain for a 'Baap'. The only saving grace are some noteworthy performances, but they too fall prey to poorly written dialogues.

    Star Cast:

    Tusshar Kapoor beautifully switches the lanes from a sophisticated guy to a loud, ill-mannered Sikh. Kulraj Randhawa is brilliant initially, but gets sidelined post interval. Anupam Kher gives a flawless performance, but the monotonous nature of his character kills his efforts. While Om Puri as Chandni’s father induces some life into the film, but he too, after a point starts to bore, mother Farida Jalal is simply wasted. Mukul Dev, Sushant Singh, Chandrachur Singh play their parts well but Harish barely talks. Johny Lever and Anita Raj as CV Singh’s rival and wife respectively, are good in their small but pivotal roles.


    To glorify a tiny simple subject into a full-fledged drama by adding old elements to screenplay is what Samir Karnik's direction is all about. He surely succeeded in his last release Yamla Pagla Deewana with the same trick, courtesy the Deols. But, nobody can save Chaar Din Ki Chandni, where his favourite formula will fall flat, especially as it strikes an uncanny resemblance to Yamla… in terms of direction. What compounds further to the misery are the 'ghisse-pitte' (stereotypical) dialogues and a screenplay which leaves one with nothing but abundant déjŕ vus.

    Music/ Dialogues/ Cinematography/Editing:

    Music too, doesn’t ring a bell because of its lack of novelty. The question that arises most importantly is why anybody would take the pains of buying an album that comprises of songs heard time and again. Dialogues too leave one in despair, cinematography impresses at some points. Editing is strictly okay.

    3ups and downs:

    Good performances by one and all make one sail through the film at least once. Cinematography and crisp editing are the other strong points. Direction, storyline, screenplay, dialogues are the drawbacks.

    On the whole, Chaar Din Ki Chandni stands no chance to woo cine-goers in front of Vidya Balan’s Kahaani, which releases the same day.

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    The movie looks lovely thanks for the review..



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