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    Default Movie Review: Bittoo Boss

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    Star Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak
    Director: Supavitra Babul
    Producer: Kumar Mangat, Abhishek Pathak
    Music Directer: Raghav Sachar
    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    There are some movies, which we feel, should rather stay in the cans instead than see the light of the day. ‘Bittoo Boss’ is a quintessential example of that genre. We know the movie took a while to release after it was made, but why it got released ultimately is what we fail to decipher. The story is supposedly of a video shooter, who takes his camera along to middle-class Punjabi marriages, and actually directs the proceedings than just merely shooting the event. Then of course, he has to fall in love with a girl. Things have to go wrong in between. But eventually he is bound to meet the girl. The movie is full of clichés.

    Story Treatment:

    There would be no special mention that should go here. Immediately after the censor certificate is displayed, we see the “Special Thanks” on screen; Salman Khan is the first to get enlisted there. It’s true, Salman has got to be thanked profusely to get associated with such a movie which does not even have a proper storyline on paper, let alone the screenplay. The movie is set in Punjab. Anandpur Sahib, to be precise. But we have already had an overdose of Punjabi stereotypes in Bollywood, only treated better.

    Star Cast:

    It’s while watching these kind of movies that we come to realise how much we love our Bollywood stars. When we find nothing good in a specific movie, at least we could whistle and cheer for them whenever they appear on-screen, but we did not even have that liberty here because we didn’t have any. The movie has debutant Pulkit Samrat in the male lead, who neither has talent nor a face. Though he is good in parts, but Ranveer Singh is better ‘Bittoo’ by several notches. We know it’s Amita Pathak’s home production because she is a terrible actor.


    When Daily Bhaskar had interviewed the ‘Bittoo Boss’ team (they came to our Mumbai office) the director Supavitra Babul had said that he used to be a cameraman himself earlier before he turned director. Now, we think he would probably be tolerable in that profession.


    Music might just be the only thing to take home. The songs, which generally eat into the story in a Bollywood movie, were actually welcome here. And they are melodious too, 2 of those are already chartbusters. Dialogues are stereotypical, like in every movie with a Punjabi backdrop. Cinematography is average, turns better only when the story shifts to Shimla in the second half. Editing is probably the worst thing about the movie, the movie could have been told within 16 mins with the story that it has.

    3 ups, 3 downs:

    We really wish we had something substantial to write in the ‘3 ups’ section. Though, music is a respite. And we have a unique character named ‘Bicky’ which does crack some fresh jokes. Regarding ‘downs’, the movie is a big downer in itself. We do not recommend you watching it even if you’re having a bad day. In fact, especially, if you’re having a bad day. It will get worse.

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