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    Default Movie Review : ''Agent Vinod''

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    'Agent Vinod'; Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Prem Chopra. Rating: **1/2

    In a world where the verity of one's intention and action is esoteric, discombobulating events is evinced as it unfolds the mystery. Such is the movie Agent Vinod which portrays a similar mission to explore the unexplored.

    After the success of Arakshan and Love Aaj Kal Saif is back in action with a spy thriller film Agent Vinod directed by Sriram Raghavan which is a remake of the 1977 flick Agent Vinod.

    The movie revolves around a spy agent who is slayed abroad but whiles his death he sends a cryptic message to the headquarters informing about the conspiracy of a terror attack. Agent Vinod played by Saif Ali Khan is sent to unveil the cloaked mystery behind the murder of that spy agent with his idiosyncratic approach towards the series of convoluted and unconnected events that puts him to unravel the conspiracy.

    Saif's Vinod seems to not be up to snuff of an action thriller for it draws a parallel between Agent Vinod and the Bond movies but off course in a desi style. The film seems to be sagging in every segment as the plot gets unfurled progressively. The film has encompassed several elements to keep the spectators entertained but has been botched for its flimsy story that ends up with an average script thus making one yawn incessantly.

    Unlike the movies Ek Haseena Thi and Johnny Gaddar which was made markedly watchable by Sriram Raghavan whose directorial deftness seems to have roofed the snafus in the movie Agent Vinod while the screenplay and cinematography was good enough as per the Bollywood standard to keep the audience entertained but an improvement in the same could have elevated the movie to a different level.

    The actors were credible enough to entertain the spectators but an improvement in the same could have made the film better for Saif and Kareena didn't justify their befuddled character enough and thus failed to reach the expectations of the audience.

    The movie takes you no where for one to sit and think about the subject as the transition in the scenes somewhere does not take you to the flow of the movie, thus leaving it half baked before the audience. With an average content the film has scored an average as it endeavors to project itself as a bond style movie which unfortunately has failed to impress the spectators.

    Rating: ** 1/2

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