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    Default Mere Dad ki Maruti - Movie review

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    Rating: 5/10
    Cast: Saqib Saleem, Ram Kapoor & Reha Chakraborty
    Music: Sachin Gupta
    Directior: Ashima Chibber

    Have you ever tried sneaking out your dad’s car for a fancy party or a date? Now imagine, your car went missing. In real life you would normally file a complaint and inform your dad. A movie, however, cannot be straight forward and has to add drama and masala to a simple chaos to make it hatke. This movie is about a punjabi college student Sameer(Saqib Saleem) trying to replace his missing car with other means. The movie starts off with celebrations for a big punjabi wedding, where Tej (Ram Kapoor) buys a fancy maruti car to gift it to his son-in-law. Sameer, Tej’s son sneaks it out to impress Jasmine(Reha Chakraborty). In the whole excitement of finding a girl friend, Sameer loses his car. The rest of the movie is about how Sameer and his friend figure out ways to replace the car and fall into trouble with gundas and the police.

    With a punjabi backdrop, you would expect the music to be lively with foot tapping beats. Sachin gupta was spot-on with it. “Mein senti hoon” can be the pick of the songs.

    Saqib saleem made it look like he is perfect for the role and his dialogue delivery as a quick & witty punjabi was exceptional. Ram Kapoor played his part in acting like a strict & kanjoos punjabi dad. Reha with not much role was not at ease playing it. Screen play , cinematography and direction were up to the mark.

    The movie aimed at exaggerating a simple situation to create chaos, confusion & humor. It miserably failed at the attempt. Neither does the movie keep you excited about whats going to happen next nor does it keep you entertained with confusion & humor. The whole movie runs smoothly where Sameer falls out of trouble situations quite easily without much effort or thought. In a hurry to make it chaotic, the movie finds no room for romance or romantic comedy.

    If you havent reserved your tickets for a movie this weekend, this movie will always be a backup option. However, you will have to hurry if you want to catch it in theaters.



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