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    Alongside the bloody-gory epic saga Gangs Of Wasseypur ll releases a family drama with a very interesting storyline and title Second Marriage Dot Com. However, with meager promotions and lack of shows in theaters it only remains to be seen whether this film will work or not.

    Akshay Narang (Vishal Nayak) a young IIT professional from IIT Delhi is on a hunt for a suitable bride for his father Suneel (Mohit Chauhan), a widower who's entering his old age with loneliness. Enters Poonam (Sayani Gupta) from Jaipur who is also worried about her divorcee mother Shoma (Charu Rohatgi) and wants her to settle down with a suitable partner. Through a matrimonial site, they come across each other and decide to meet. Soon after, both Suneel and Shoma tie the knot. However, problem strikes with Akshay and Poonam start developing feelings for each other.

    Directed by Gaurav Panjwani's Second Marriage Dot Com deals with a plot not quite attempted in Hindi cinema usually. With one story, he gets to tackle various aspects of human life, the societal norms, the human psyche and a fateful play of human emotions. However, that doesn't mean he turns this saga into a brooding affair. Instead, he brings about a fair balance or frothiness, laughter and melodrama.

    The entire sequence of a bride hunt, the first time when Suneel meets Shoma and how the two awkwardly get on with their married life is beautifully shot. To add to that, even the dilemma between Akshay and Poonam to give in to their feelings or not is also shot well.

    However, it's the inconsistency which ruins the cake. There are sub-plots needlessly added to the film. There are far too many scenes also pointlessly inserted in the film which take away from the main plot ruining the momentum of any important scene.

    On the acting front, all four main characters Vishal Nayak, Mohit Chauhan, Sayani Gupta and Charu Rohatgi go a brilliant job.

    To sum it up, Second Marriage Dot Com could have made for a laudable film had the filmmaker kept his script water tight. But even at that, it still remains a decent attempt.
    2.5 / 5



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