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    Default Exclusive Movie Review Of Hate Story (20 Apr 2012) Indo-Asian News Service

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    Cast: Paoli Dam, Gulshan Devaiah, Nikhil Dwivedi

    Director: Vivek Agnihotri

    Meet the newest avatar of Maa Kali! The fascist avenging woman has always been a favourite figure of fantasy fashioning for our films. Who can forget Nargis gunning down her own son in Mehboob Khan's Mother India?

    The motivations for revenge in Hate Story are not quite the ones that impelled the woman protagonist to rise up in arms in Mother India or for that matter in Bhavna, a film directed by Hate Story producer Vikram Bhatt's father Pravin Bhatt, where Shabana Azmi killed her own husband.

    Really, who needs a gun to get even when you have sex?

    Paoli doesn't give a damn if her bare back or flesh flash across the screen. She displays a healthy attitude of disdain for the camera, letting it swoop down on her vulture style, never allowing her vengeful character's erotic journey to get sleazy, cheesy or lurid. The camera violates her character's privacy with her consent.

    Hate Story is a tale that invites provocative measures of counter-argument. When the protagonist Kaavya (Paoli Dam) gets down to revenge, she spares no one, least of all herself. She announces she wants to be a sex worker, and thereafter, there's no looking back.

    And quite a comely back it is.

    Paoli's Kaavya uses her physique to lure her enemy into her trap. Director Vivek Agnihotri cuts into her journey of self-destructive vendetta like a knife.

    The episodes sometimes stretch the limits of belief. But what the heck! No one is making a statement here on the politically correct conduct of the Indian woman.

    In what can be regarded as one of the most defiantly unconventional debut performances, Paoli lets herself go with the furious flow of her character's vendetta.

    The episodes hammer into one another with scarce room to breathe. The pace is dizzy most of the way. And when it slows down, you feel the protagonist's vendetta is losing its steam.

    Steamy lovemaking scenes are strewn across the narrative's stricken landscape. The soundtrack suggests there's an urgent tragedy nudging the erotic content. The dialogues by Rohit Malhotra don't shy away from telling it like it is.

    Vikram Bhatt's screenplay is Sidney Sheldon territory. It doesn't shy away from showing the heroine in an unflattering light. This is new-age cinema with no room for conventional narrative devices or apologies for what the protagonist sets out to do.

    If in The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan wore her sexuality on her sleeve, in Hate Story, Paoli uses her sexuality like a favoured currency in the stock market.

    Mint-fresh and shock-proof, Paoli interprets her character with vigorous conviction. As her adversary Gulshan Devaiah (so watchable in Shaitan andThat Girl In Yellow Boots) careens between rage and anguish quite effortlessly.

    Hate Story is not quite the tale of the simpering wronged woman we've been seeing in our films since the time Adam impregnated Eve.

    Hate Story pushes the envelope so hard, all the contents spill out in a torrential tumble of tantalising power-play set within the world of corporate battles and gender conflicts.

    This is a most riveting and aesthetic saga of a woman's revenge against the man who's wronged her since RK Nayyar's Inteqaam - except for the fact that Paoli does things Sadhana in Nayyar's film could have never imagined.



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    Default Movie Review: Hate Story

    Star Cast: Paoli Dam, Gulshan Devaiah, Nikhil Dwivedi
    Director: Vivek Agnihotri
    Producer: Vikram Bhatt
    Music Directer: Harshit Saxena
    Genre: Thriller


    The film revolves around Kaavya (Paoli Dam), and her transformation from a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker, and her revenge where she is exploited both professionally and sexually by Siddharth (Gulshan Devaiah). This affects everyone around Kaavya, including her family and her best friend Vicky (Nikhil Dwivedi) who secretly loves her. Kaavya, who doesn’t have anything to lose anymore, trained by the best escort, uses her sexuality to rip Siddharth. Thus begins the journey of hatred and brutal vengeance.

    Story Treatment:

    The story is all about the chase game driven by hate. While the protagonist uses sex, and antagonist power and money, as weapons. The initial part of the film is gripping and forces one to expect thrill, but soon it turns into a failed expectation. While Kaavya’s character transforming from a journalist to a sex worker is engrossing, but few scenes leave you with examples of a sloppy screenplay. 'Revenge can make you do anything' is a convincing idea, but sex is the only medium to get her goals and, interestingly, works for her all the time. Also, it becomes hard to overlook a predictable script.

    Star Cast:

    Paoli Dam is the central character and with the women-oriented roles gaining momentum in Bollywood, the intention to give a larger than life approach to the lead character clearly reflects here. The actress is intense, honest, bold and confident while explicitly essaying her character. Gulshan Devaiya, who impressed viewers in Shaitan, again manages to leave an impact with his effective portrayal of a guy, who can use his power to destroy his enemies. Nikhil Dwivedi is truly wasted as he gets no scope to perform and in most of the scenes, the good actor seems out of place. Joy Sengupta is brilliant. Saurabh Dubey and Mohan Kapur play their parts well. Iravati gets no screen space, but has an essential part to play.


    Vivek Agnihotri has been successful in creating the thrill element for the audience, but a predictable storyline makes his efforts tasteless. Director’s vision and making his star cast perform, fails only owing to the routine revenge formula. However, few scenes which showcase different shades of human behaviour are been brilliantly done.


    Dialogues leave an impact, especially considering the political and business approach as the backdrop. Cinematography is decent. Music is surely not the soul of the film, but Dil Kanch Sa and the background music does stir up the emotions.

    Ups and downs:

    Predictable storyline and loosely weaved thrill will undoubtedly act as a hindrance for Hate Story. However, spiced up thrilling experience in patches, might be a reason to push yourself towards ticket window. Our final word- Stay away from Hate Story and look around for the donor, who might grace you with few funny moments, if not steamy scenes.

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    Default Where is the erotica in 'Hate Story'?

    Director: Vivek Agnihotri
    Cast: Gulshan Devaiah, Paoli Dam, Nikhil Dwivedi
    Rating: **
    There comes a point in director Vivek Agnihotri's Hate Story when you are forced to suspend reason and resign yourself to the unbelievable corniness of the lines the lead protagonists mouth. The last time I was this entertained by a film's dialogue was while watching Mithun Chakraborty's Gunda which has now achieved cult status among lovers of campy Bollywood cinema.

    Which is not a bad thing considering inspirational lines such as "shake it, take it and fake it", the advice a seasoned prostitute gives actress Paoli Dam who aspires to be the city's biggest ***** in the film, may actually be bookmarked as a dialogue to be quoted in cheesy references to B-grade films.
    From the beginning the makers of Hate Story promoted the film as an erotic revenge thriller and titillated with bareback posters and an explosive trailer which was a mishmash of the film's most racy scenes. Though the film has ample shots of lovemaking but barely measures up to the hype it created. The erotic moments in the film are destroyed by poor acting, comically outdated lines and heavy breathing.
    But that apart, the basic surmise of Hate Story, the fuel that keeps the plot going, is hatred and vengeance. To his credit, Agnihotri keeps the story moving forward at an even pace which is crucial for a thriller. The background score is commendable and the song 'Dil Kaanch Sa Todeyaan' lingers long after you leave the theatre.
    Kavya Krishna is a journalist whose sting operation against Siddharth Dhanrajgir's company Cementec embeds the seed of animosity between her and the aggressive 'Sid' played by Gulshan who tries to add a layer to his acting with a nervous stutter which becomes pronounced in front of his ruthlessly cold and dominating businessman father. But he is one of the faces in the film that keeps you hooked.
    With ample shots of her bare back and her milkshake-coated tongue playing havoc with her client's sanity, Paoli is completely uninhibited and fiercely bold with the camera repeatedly playing up her best assets - her expressive doe eyes. If only she acted as effortlessly. What mars Hate Story is the collective poor acting of its cast.
    The understated Nikhil (who plays Vicky, Kavya's friend and unrequited lover) attempts to balance Gulshan's hamming in places. But the line 'I f*** the people who f*** with me', repeated alternately by Paoli and Gulshan in their cat and mouse revenge game, seriously grates on your nerves after the first three times.
    It's difficult to buy the reason behind Paoli's quest for revenge since she chose her destiny herself, ditching a loyal lover for a scoundrel whom she knew she had harmed in the past and therefore is a potentially dangerous opponent. But I like that fact that Agnihotri does not seek a conclusion or take a moral high ground, leaving his 'naive' heroine to seek her own path. She is assured in her sexuality and prepared to sleep her way through the ranks of a multinational without guilt overtaking her actions.
    Hate Story works partly because of its bold heroine and partly because it really is an interesting thriller that keeps you hooked till the clumsy end. But it could have been so much more had the script been more cohesive.
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    ohhh gud collecting man,, one more shanbu movie in tamil

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