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    It's an age old formula of romance in the Hindi film industry where the father hires, seeks help of etc. of a typical girl next door to change his bad boy (son) into a good boy. Typically so the son changes for the better, love blossoms, some song and dance and voila, the romantic film is good to dish out! Stepping into the similar league is yet another rom-com Challo Driver. Whether this brings anything fresh on the table or not let's find out.

    Tania Malhotra (Kainaz Motivala) is a career-oriented woman who wants to start her own travel agency. However, she falls short of funds for her dream project. In the meanwhile one of her friend suggests her to take up the job of a chauffeur. Considering this as a challenge and quite a daring task, this bold and modern woman takes up the task. Enters Prem Chopra who plays a certain dadu who takes up Tania's interview and offers her 50 thousand rupees as monthly salary to work as the driver for his grandson Arjun (Vickrant Mahajan), a humourless and no-nonsense business. How she changes his outlook in life and how the two fall in love follows through the rest of the plot.

    Challo Driver offers no novelty to the archaic done to death formula. Instead it takes it down even more. Boastfully claiming itself to be a rom-com, the film provides no outlet of humour except for a couple of gags here and there by Manoj Pahwa who plays Tania's Pappu Uncle from Jalandhar in the film. Even on the romantic front, filmmaker Vickrant Mahajan, yes he is the lead actor or the so called hero of the film too, Challo Driver ends up becoming tripe replete with pointless song and dance sequences.

    There's no convincingness to the plot to begin with. The whole idea of having Indian setting and paying a person around 50 thousand bucks for the job of a driver itself comes across as preposterous only showing the desperation of the writer to come up with a romantic plot which is "different" from the others.

    On the acting front, Kainaz makes a decent attempt while Vickrant Mahajan tries too hard to be the rude, money minded, business oriented, shrewd man. Manoj Pahwa is the best of the lot. Prem Chopra in his bit role is decent too.

    To sum it up, Challo Driver makes for a half-baked, badly shaped romantic comedy which has forced romance and feeble comedy. Be wise and choose this film carefully.

    1 / 5



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