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    Cool Amit Sahni Ki List [2014] Movie Review

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    Amit Sahni Ki List [2014] Movie Review

    Poster :

    Movie Review Rating - 2.5 / 5

    It is a rom-com genre film is the elegant direction of
    Ajay Bhuyan that stars Vir Das, Vega Tamotia,
    Kavi Shastri and Anindita Nayar in the lead roles.

    The movie of young and quirky boy, Amit Sahni is produced
    by Tina Nagpaul, Kavita Kulkarni and Sujata Vemuri under
    the Pyxis Pictures banner.

    The cinematography is handled by Maneesh Chandra Bhatt
    while music is scored by Raghu Dixit.


    The story of Amit Sahni Ki List revolves around a boy
    Amit Sahni (Vir Das) who is successful investment banker
    and hunting for the woman of his dreams that matches his

    For assessing Miss Right, every time he goes out on a date
    and secretly checks to see if his date matches to the list.

    His quest for Miss Right brings many twist and turns in the
    movie. Finally, how he pursues his miss right is the
    essence of the movie.

    Positive Points

    “Amit Sahni Ki List” is a good movie with a nice blend
    of romance and comedy that surely tickle the funny bone
    of audience. The rhythm of the movie is good and plot is
    witty. Numerous twist and turns in the movie engaged the
    audience interest until the last frame.


    Outstanding performance is delivered by Vir Das who
    played vibrant, woeful and frivolous role at once and
    portrayed the role of Amit Sahni very well.

    Kavi Shastri played the pivotal role of Amit's buddy and looks
    convincing in this role, and other cast has also done full
    justice with their roles.

    Negative points

    The music is average and not worth praising.
    The hilarious ride of hunting for miss right is not a
    great piece of cinema, but for sure keeps you smiling and
    chuckling in complete 110 minutes of the movie.


    All in all, the melodrama with perfect comic timing is worth
    watching flick for the impressive bromance brewing between
    Amit and his buddy, and sizzling chemistry of Amit and his
    miss right.

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    I would say this was my worst film that I had watched up till now ! In fact I had seen the movie and upcoming news in some news related websites like any bollywoodnews, Yahoo etc but haven't found any kind of good reviews on that.
    !! Destiny !! A Bollywood Lover !!



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