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    Default 3G – A Killer Connection - Movie Review

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    Rating : 4.8/10
    Cast : Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan, Mrinalini Sharma
    Music: Mithoon
    Directior: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chibber

    Sam (Neil Nitn Mukesh) who is in a relationship with Sheena (Sonal Chauhan) comes out for a holiday trip with her in Fiji Islands and buys a second hand mobile which has 3G connect in it. He starts getting calls from an unknown number and every time when he answers it, he will see a video in which a lady in red dress will be seen murdered. And also every time the mobile rings Sam gets possessed by some unknown evil, after some series of bad incidents both Sam and Sheena will be clueless and the mobile keeps coming back through someone even after throwing it away or drowning it in water. So the rest of the movie is about how will our lead actors solve the puzzle and get rid of the mobile and the ghost or will they?

    Artist performances:
    Whole movie is occupied by two lead roles with nothing much for others. Neil Nitin Mukesh made an exceptional mark through his debut movie Johny Gaddar but after that he never really impressed and he continues to do so with his type cast performance as a man who is scared of some unknown evil and possessed by the same in turn making him kill the people, I can say nothing new from him. Sonal Chauhan was gorgeous and put up a decent performance as caring girlfriend; she will get lot of offers in the future for sure.

    Technical Aspects:
    Music of the movie is good with some very well composed songs; especially “kaisen Bathaaon” song is exceptional. Background music is also pretty good with right sound effects at right time; Mithoon has done a very good job I can say. Cinematography is awesome as they made use of the beautiful Fiji Islands and presented it exceptionally well and also camera angles were set very well to scare the audiences in certain scenes. Editing is also done very well with no mishaps. Overall we can say that 3G is technically well handled.

    Movie directly starts off with Neil and Sonal going to a holiday trip, it does not concentrate on defining the characters initially, the movie just jump starts with scenes which are just meant to scare audiences with sudden sound effects and weird camera angles. 1st half of the movie just goes on that way without revealing any mystery. 2nd half of the movie is where Sam and Sheena start analysing things and start to solve puzzles, finally they do get to know the mystery at climax and then movie ends with a twist and director leaves a responsible message to the viewers.
    It has been years since Bollywood has been making horror movies and in the recent past all they try do is scare people with weird sound effects and camera tricks with no logic in it, it has worked once or twice but how will it work if they repeat same stuff time and again? 3G falls into the same category but just that there is a new form for the ghost which is a mobile phone. Even the way director showed the mysteries unveil is uninteresting because screenplay was very poor, no scene lasts for considerable amount of time and suddenly a song pops up out of nowhere. Finally he gives out a responsible message which no one who is watching connects.

    Overall 3G – A Killer Connection is a Bollywood’s cliched horror movie with nothing new and at the same time it was poorly directed. Without music and cinematography movie would have been even worse.



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