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    Default Virat to kidnap Avanti in Million Dollar Girl

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    A lot is happening in Channel Vís popular show Million Dollar Girl (Beyond Dream Entertainment) with Avanti (Sharmin Kazi) being kept as a slave by Virat (Vikram Singh Chauhan). And now in the coming days gear up for some more excitement.

    Shares a source, ďAvanti has been trying her level best to weave her way out of Viratís forcefull job and now she will plan a smart trick to get out of the clutches.Ē

    Avanti will go on to lock up Rajat (Mithil Jain) in the room and demand her freedom in return.

    Woah! So you thinking that Avanti is smart?

    Well, no. Virat being the bully will go on to kidnap Avanti and hide her in his factory. Avanti though has put up a brave front all along will panic sensing that her family will be now be tense about her whereabouts. She will be seen pleading to Virat to set her free and in return she would accept all his demands.

    Will Virat set her free? What lies ahead in Avantiís life?

    We tried reaching Sharmin but could not connect to her.

    To know more stay tuned to the show; or better, read this soace.



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