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    Default Million Dollar Girl is a story about Avanti's passion - Sharmin Kazi

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    Young actress Sharmin Kazi, talks about her role in depth with us...

    Young and pretty Sharmin Kazi who has acted in many TV shows nad her last venture being Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir is excited to play the lead Avanti in Channel V's Million Dollar Girl.

    In conversation with us she shares the reason of taking up this show, the fun loving atmosphere while shooting scenes and more...

    What was reason to take up this project ?

    When I gave the audition and later was selected, the mock shoot itself was very interesting as I was told to sell undergarments (laughs). Secondly the concept and my character is very interesting. It is the story about a girl who is passionate to do business and when someone tells her that she should start a business of undergarments as its very profitable she starts doing it.

    But her mother does not agree with it and asks her to start up a business of Sarees which is set up by her father. When she starts handling it she flourishes her business well. So its her journey from Benaras to Paris.

    Tell us about your relation with your co-stars...

    It's really going good and we are actually enjoying shooting for it. The entire unit is like a family to me also because of the interesting concept I don't feel bored to do any scene. We are bunch of youngsters so we have a blast while shooting.

    As it's a youth based show do you think it will grab the attention of the mature audience too?

    First of all as it's a different concept and something new audience which the viewers will get to see on screen. I can ensure that not only the youth but also a family can enjoy the show because a family drama will also be showcased.

    How do you feel working with a well known producer Yash Patnaik?

    Yash ji's shows Sadda Haq and Veera are really doing very well. I was very happy when I got selected for this role. Yash Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik have been sweet and very supportive. A few days back she came on the set and gave us many suggestions about what to do and what not to do. I feel there are a very few producers who think about actors.

    A message you want to pass on to your fans?

    I just want to tell them that watch our show and I can ensure that they will love watching Avanti as they would easily relate to her.



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