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    Default 'Intimate' scenes give Hitesh 'Vicky' Bhardwaj cold feet

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    Channel Vís popular show Million Dollar Girl (Beyond Dreams Entertainment) will soon see a major twist leaving viewers shocked.

    The much in love Vicky (Hitesh Bhardwaj) will have a break up with Kavya (Geetanjali Singh). Then, he will shower his more than necessary attention on childhood friend DJ (Sneha Pande).

    And if sources are to be believed, viewers will soon see an interesting twist in the show wherein Vicky and DJ will get drunk and get all cozy and intimate.

    Shares a source, ďAfter being spurned in love, Vicky will be all lost and shattered. He would end up losing sense after drinking and get physical with his best friend.Ē

    This sequence will bring a major twist in the show and we are sure it would be super exciting.

    But what our sources whispered into our ears is that when Hitesh was informed about the scene, he was pretty nervous. The creatives had to then tell him to watch some romantic flicks and gain some confidence (funny, isnít it).

    We buzzed Hitesh who blushed and said, ďI donít know who gave you this information (laughs) Yes, there will be some intimate scenes as discussed, and like any normal person I am also nervous. But then thatís part and parcel of my job and I have no objection on the same. Letís see how it all shapes up.Ē

    Now this definitely sounds interesting...donít you think so?



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