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    Default Avanti to meet with an accident on Million Dollar Girl!

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    Virat to develop feelings for Avanti in coming episodes.

    With Yamini's(Kanishka Lohar's ) entry on Million Dollar Girl lot of spice and twist has prompted on the show.We have earlier reported that Yamini is trying to create differences between Virat and Avanti(Sana Amin Sheikh) because she considers Avanti as interference in her relationship.Audience will witness high voltage drama in the coming episode.

    "Virat (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Yamini, while travelling in their car, get into a heated conversation and because of which he will loose his concentration on road. This is will lead to an accident and the girl who will be hit by their car is Avanti. Avanti will be injured so badly that she will slip into coma."

    "Later, Virat will find Avanti's diary, reading which he will realize Avanti's love for him. The diary has every details about how she started liking him and that will make Virat feel guilty. To repent his mistakes he will try to fulfil the 10 wishes which Avanti has written in her Diary."

    Will Avanti and Virat bond well?

    To know more keep reading the above space.



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