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    Default Avanti to educate villagers in Million Dollar Girl!

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    Channel V's Million Dollar Girl to gear up with an exciting track.

    Beyond Dreams Productions' newly launched show Million Dollar Girl on Channel V is trying its best to keep their audience glued to the TV screens by creating an interesting twists and turns in the show.

    As per the ongoing episode, Avanti (Sharmin Kazi) is trying to sell hand made sarees and is trying her best to get stock of raw material of Sarees so that she can sell it further and earn profit out of it. But Virat (Vikram Singh Chauhan) is creating problems for her.

    Let's see what will happen next -

    Our source says, "Virat will plan to establish a hand loom industry in the village and the villagers will get convinced to give their raw material of sarees to him. Thus Avanti will try to make villagers understand that they can make handmade sarees and can directly sell it the market to earn direct profit. But villagers will deny and not get convinced by her idea. Hence she will decide to make the villagers understand the advantage of selling their goods directly instead of giving it to Virat. She will open a school in the village along with the help of her friends. The school will be like the school seen in the village which is in an open space under the tree where only a black board is placed. Through her school she will try to accomplish her mission of making people understand about the various aspects of business."

    Will Avanti succeed in her mission or again Virat will come as a hurdle?

    To know more keep reading the space.



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