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    Any Minister you admire: Laloo Prasad Yadav. I think he is the cleverest Minister I have ever come across. He has the knack of cracking jokes and can easily come out of it too.

    If you were to play a Super Hero, it would be: If I was a male I would like to play Troy which Brad Pitt played. Actually I am a die hard fan of Brad Pitt…

    One Wish you ask from God: If there is something called rebirth, then I want to be born again to the same mom and dad as they have always loved me and done everything for me. I am totally a family person.

    If you were the Prime Minister for a day, you would: Ohh then I would sign the entire India on my name.. Isn't that smart then I will rule (laughs)

    If you were stranded in no man's land, you would: I will sing and dance and entertain myself (laughs aloud) Actually I would like to study the nature …

    If not an actor, then what would you have been: I was always interested in business and also have been passionate about singing.

    One Quality that you would want in your partner: Trust

    Any Song that is always on your lips: Bahon ke darmiyan and Main Jahan Rahoon from Namaste London.

    Best Complement received till date: I think I have got a compliment from God, because of him I am born to the best parents!!

    Any memorable incident with fans: Actually when I recently visited Assam I was totally surprised to see a massive crowd who knew me and were happy looking at me. I was really touched when they said that they liked me as Prathana and loved Har Ghar…

    Favorite Movie Dialogue: 'Nahin' the way in which Hema Maliniji says…. (She actually says it that way to give a feel)

    Message for I-F Fans: Love me and keep writing as your feedback are important for my growth as an actor. I love you all..

    Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani



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