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    Default Rati Interview on Valentine

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    Who was your first crush?
    When I was in the 9th, I had a crush on my school mate. He continues to be my best buddy even now, but we realized that we are not made for each other.

    Why it is that mostly girls have crushes and not boys?
    I don't think so. I think girls are genuine when it comes to feelings, but boys are usually flirts. Girls however, take their time in expressing their feelings.

    Have you ever gifted anything to your crush on Valentines Day?
    Yes, I have exchanged chocolates on Valentines Day with the same school friend I earlier spoke of.

    Name three things which are a must to celebrate Valentines Day?
    Firstly to celebrate Valentines, a partner is necessary. There should be peace everywhere with nobody around, and there should be light music playing in the background.

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