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    Thumbs up Miley Jab Hum Tum 7th Jan 2010 written update

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    Dia, Nupur, Uday and Benji are going away in masks. Nupur has a shawl around her. They almost get out when bauji stops them. Bauji asks them if they are Nupur's friends. Benji says yes and says they are going to get a friend who doesn't know the way to the house.

    SaJan are looking for Nupur when Sam asks Gunjan to ask Bui where Dia is. Gunjan asks Bui. Bui asks her why she wants to know. She says because she wants earrings. Bui says she is already wearing earrings. Gunjan says they are not matching. Bui says Dia was somewhere around here. Gunjan says she will go look.

    Sam lifts two girls mask trying to find Dia. He calls her phone. It rings. Dia asks Uday and Benji to take Nupur while she will answer Sam's phone.

    Mayank is wondering where Nupur is right now when Nupur says I'm here. Mayank looks back and walks towards her. He is about to say something when she says she left everything and came. Mayank is shocked and she repeats her words. Mayank and Nupur collapse into a passionate hug Mayank asks her what she means by left everything. She says she ran away. Mayank is shocked. Nupur says she had no other route. Bauji would never listen to her. Mayank kisses her forehead

    Sam and Gunjan go to GunUr's room and are about to call Nupur when Dia comes in saying when Nupur was running she should have taken her phone. Sam asks her what she is talking about. Dia tries to cover up by saying Nupur ran to the bathroom so she should have taken her phone with her. Sam asks her to tell the truth. She says she ran away with Uday and Benji. Sam asks her how could she let Nupur run away with UdJi of all people. He calls up Uday. Uday is scared and gives it to Benji.

    Adhiraj's daadi is coming down the stairs when some kids playing accidently push her and Suhaani catches her. She asks daadi if she is alright. Daadi says because of Suhaani she is alright. Adhiraj is seeing all this. Daadi asks Suhaani from which side she is, boys or girls. Before Suhaani can answer Adhiraj comes and says that Suhaani was his first friend in Excel and because of her he and Nupur met. Daadi figures out Adhiraj's only invitation was for her. Adhiraj asks Suhaani to see if Nupur is ready. Suhaani goes.

    Benji asks Uday to lift the phone. Uday tells that Benji-Sam have been friends for longer. Benji says if he lifts the phone he wont give it back. Uday carefully lifts it. Sam says "Nupur" when Uday says it is Uday's phone, not Nupurs Sam asks Uday where is Nupur and where he is. Uday says under your house. Sam says he will come right away.

    Mayank and Nupur hug again. Mayank says in DDLJ Raj didn't beg Simran to not run away. Nupur says that that was a movie. Mayank checks her for fever and asks her since when she differed between reel and real. Nupur smiles. Mayank says in DDLJ SRK had many takes but if he loses her her he will lose her forever. Nupur smiles and they hug for the third time.

    Part 2
    Suhaani is about to go up when Sam tells her Nupur ran away. Suhaani is shocked. Sam tells her he and Dia are going to get her back and Suh-Gun should manage everything here. Suhaani says okay. SaDia go.

    Suhaani looks at Adhiraj and looks away. She thinks if Adhiraj gets to know more problems will arise.

    Bui asks Gunjan where Nupur is. Gunjan is unable to say anything. Bui asks her if Nupur is being stubborn. Gunjan is silent.

    Pre-cap:- Adhiraj knocks on GunUr's room asking whether he can come in. Suhaani is in there.

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    lol Thanksssssssssssss

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    lol..i have watched the drama .no need of this btw thanks!



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