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    Thumbs up Miley Jab Hum Tum 4th Jan 2010 written update

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    [DOWN]The episode starts with Mayank Thinking. Nupur is shown wondering if she did such a big Mistake. Gunjan Comes and Assures her.Suhaani Is shown Saying that Her Lie was costing her too Much and walks away from there. Samrat tries to stop her and tells himself That This Lie would turn Out so big, No one had ever imagined.

    Next Day-

    Mayank Is leaning by the pillar. Samrat Approches him and keeps his hand on Mayank's shoulder and Tells him to take no tension and if need be they all would go and plead to Bauji. Mayank says no and Descides to call His Mother and leave this in the hand's of elder's. Samrat encourages his desicion and Tells him to go fast.

    Cut to Bui: Bui is telling someone On the phone about their Sagai (engagement) That day and asks them To call on the marriage. She enters the room where Nupur and Dia are sitting and Tells Nupur to get ready as the Boy's parents' Flight was on time and they will be there. Dia Broods over this and Engrages Nupur talking about getting her ready. Nupur tells that She wont get ready aand wont get married. bui says that remain at Home Unmarried and ruin her sister's Life. She stands up Very Angry and tells her that it was her life being spoiled. Bui asks her to lower her tone And tells her that everyone will listen to her in her Maike but not in her Sasural.Dia blames Adhiraj for this.

    Cut to Adhiraj: He opens the door t find his daadi and his Father on the door. Both were very Excited at Their Sons Liking and tells him About the Engagement. Adhiraj Gets shocked by this and tells That it was happening so Quick. Daadi Tells him that he had chosen the girl and panditji Had No other Day holy enough Until the next year. Adhiraj looks at the phone Dreamily and Daadi teases him at this.Daadi senses something wrong and asks him.

    Cut to Mayank: Mayank Phones Shilpa Who tells Him that She had great news and the boss was considering her promotion which meant she could get back To Mumbai! Mayank is happy and decides Not to tell his mother about this problem in order Not to be selfish. Mayank's mother informs him that she would be coming to Mumbai For Work and mayank Decides That He will tell her Then. Shilpa tells Him to wish Nupur with love from her. Mayank Stops at this but then answers a yes and Bids her Bye.

    Cut to Adhiraj: Adhiraj Makes her Sit on the sofa and tells her that He was very happy but she wouldn't be happy as he thought she would be Worried if Adhiraj's love would be divided between his wife and Daadi. Daadi Laughs at this and tells him that If he really cared for her..His love wouldn't be Divided and and also tells that If Someone was not at all Close to him than that person never really cared for him. Adhiraj thinks over this and decides to give suhaani these days to stop him from the marriage and prove her love.

    Cut to Bauji:Nupur comes close to bauji and bauji ask why she was still Not ready and tells To get Ready Soon. Nupur asks If Loving was Wrong? Bauji says No But in the name of Love, She was Harming his respect. Nupur says that Mayank had did only one mistake and bauji Compares this to yudhistir. She Sings praises of him That All college Girls & Boys wanted to be like him! All teacher gave Mishals (prasied) of him Bauji says that If that kind of boy can be praised than he did wrong to Send her to such a school. Nupur tells him About Mayank's Mom In bangalore and her Job. Bauji tells her If Mayank would be able to Provide all her needs or was he intending to burden his mother with More troubles? He says that A father always wished to get his daughter married to Who he can trust. Nupur falls On his feet and begs. Bauji Tells her that his desicion was made And goes from there. Nupur sits on the floor and cries .

    Precap- Dia finds Nupur and Makes Her stand Up and Asks what bauji had said. She tells her that If bauji was Ziddi, She was His daughter.



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