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    Default Miley Jab Hum Tum 27 january Written update!

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    Heres d written update for tday!!

    Gunjan and sammy lukin at each oder!! And gunjan say tumhari coffee thandi ho rahi1 hai!! And den he comes out of his dream! And he luked at gunjan sitting der!! He stands up and h etries to talk to her but she walks away!! And sammy realli felin cnfsd and sad!! And den dia comes!! And tells him dat she is mad dat he dint wish her properly!! And he wishes her!! And hugs her! And tells her dat her needs a frnd real bad!! Den dia's cell rings!! And it was guru!! And he tells ehr dat he needs to tlak to her!!but dia dsnt listn!! And tells him to wait just a min! And picks up d call!! And guru invites her to coffee! And dia talk s d way sammy cud listn!! But sammy walked awy1! Wen she dint understand him!!
    benji walkin in d hallway1! Rubbing his lips!! And tellin himslf dat he is a man!! Not a gurl!! But a man!! And den meets a guy!! And bumps his chest!! And d guy asks him dat y did he bump his chest!! Or did her kiss sm1 at d party!! And benji gets annoyed and speaks rubbish and walks awy! Den dey show d salon!! Mayank enters!! An d d gay barber bits his lips!!! And mayank feels uncmfrtbl! And tells him dat he is gonna wait for sm1!! And he sits on d small sofa!! And he reads a magazine!! And d first page was abt makeup!! And d second one was abt "missed a period!!" and mayank closed d mgzine imdtly!! Cuz a gurl was sitting bsde him!! And d gurl lghd!!
    At clge!! Sammy was siting an dplaying his gutar d mjht title song tune!! And den nupur cms and tells him dat sh e will help him get gunjan back!! And he smiles and nupur feels happy!! And she tells him dat she has to go smwer!! And runs from der!!
    @ d salon!! Mayank was siting alne!! Wndrng y ishika dint cm1! And he says dat der is no boy in here den him!! An d guy cums!! And luks at him!! And he says m sry two hum dono!!
    Den ishika enters!! And mynk feels releived!! But ishika justs sits on d haircutting chair to get her haircut!! And mynk tries to talk to her but d barber wudnt let him1! His butt wud gett in his way!! And den he gets iritated and mynk tells him wat d heck is his prblm!! And h egoes closer to mynk!! And mynk tells him to stay awy until he reach d sofa!! Den nupur enters1! Saying maan bhi jaao!!! And mynk luks at her!! And nupur asks him wat is he doin in a ladies salon!! And he gets wried!! Dat she is gna tell evry1 at d clg!!

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