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    I am always the most unaccessoried person: Naveena Bole's Interview

    I am always the most unaccessoried person:Miley Jab Hum Tum's DIA-Naveena Bole's Interview
    Posted Below

    Define fashion?
    Fashion is being comfortable in what you wear and not about blindly following trends. One should feel good about what they are wearing.

    Who chooses your clothes?
    I choose my clothes with a second opinion from my mom or my friends.

    Do you like to accessorise yourself?
    I am always the most unaccessoried person. I don't like wearing accessories. I like to keep it simple.

    Is there any particular brand that you prefer for clothes?
    Levis for Denims. For sports, I prefer Nike and Reebok. I pick dresses from Bebe.

    What is your favourite destination for shopping?
    In Mumbai, I like shopping from Bandra, Colaba and Lokhandwala. Outside of India, I like to shop from Dubai. I believe Bangkok is good for shopping but I have never been there.

    Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?
    I feel most comfortable in a gunjee with a pair of jeans or gunjee with a track pant. I also feel comfortable in shorts, shirt- Jeans and dresses that are not of tight fitting.

    Who is your favourite designer?
    Manish Malhotra is my favourite designer.

    Any particular colour that you like to see in your wardrobe?
    White, black, purple, pink and brown.

    A must have in your purse?
    A lip balm.

    What are the make-up products that you prefer?
    I can't do without a lip balm. I prefer brands like Derma, MAC and VOV.

    A fashion tip.
    Accessorise less if you are wearing heavily embellished attire and wear accessories if you are wearing simple attire. Never go overboard.

    A make- up tip.
    The lesser, the better. Make-up should be worn in such a way that it makes you look natural and pretty. Try to balance out your make-up by wearing a light color lipstick if your eyes are heavily done and vice versa.

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