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    Default Advance update for week of march 23rd-28th

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    EP: 96 | It's the AD zap round at the pentathlon, in which Mayank and Nupur have to perform an act to promote 'love potion'. As it turns out, the feeling which Mayank wanted to fight has come to his rescue. And lost in Nupur's thoughts. Mayank puts up an act which is a super hit.

    After getting to know that Aprajita has messed with Gunjan by hiding her CDs and in effect hampers Excel's reputation, Samrat decides to teach her a lesson. Uday gets connected first to the radio station and as Aprajita first caller he's all out to make a fool of her.

    After the AD zap round, Nupur and Mayank walk around the college campus. Nupur find a fortune teller booth. A very excited Nupur drags Mayank in to the booth. Mayank really gets conscious and scared thinking his name would come out, he drags Nupur out on some pretext.

    EP: 97 | Samrat calls Aparajita as Bhavesh again and teaming up with CJ they completely spoil her show. Gunjan thanks Samrat for helping her, but she feels sad for Aparajita too.

    An excited Nupur is pulled out of the fortune teller's booth and as she grumps about it, she tries the Dil Chahta Hai formula, that once she shuts her eyes the person she sees is the dream man. In many attempts she sees the entire college from Deodhar, Benji to all but not Mayank.

    A hyper Mayank protests that only he is left and immediately is taken aback by his own statement. Nupur laughs out loud that he's not even come in her flash because his standards are so high, she cannot match them. The last round at the pentathlon, the electric circuit. Finally it catches Mayank's fancy. It presents itself as a possibility to concentrate at the task at hand, as it's his passion. While Nupur is excited to do something out of the cardboard boxes!



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