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    Arrow 18th Jan 2010 Miley Jab Hum Tum written update

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    [DOWN]The episode starts with Ashiraj seeing the Sherwani and telling himself That No, he cant do such a wrong thing.

    Cut to Uday: Uday phones benji and tells him that he has a plan and to report to Adhiraj's house.

    Cut to Adhiraj: He says that he hated Suhaani. She destroyed everything between them. But For her he could not do such things to Mayank & Nupur As he was not as selfish As the Gang. Gopal, A servant comes and keeps the turban of Adhiraj's Sherwani at the table and Tells him to get ready soon. Adhiraj Tells him to inform his father that he wanted to talk to him. After the servant goes, he says that He wont do this marriage and regret all life. Mayank & Samrat enter. Adhiraj asks them what they were Doing there. Mayank Tells him that he only wanted to talk when Benji and Uday too enter. Uday gets all brotherly and says he wont allow him to do that and climbs on the bed. Mayank asks him to stop that and tries to make Adhiraj Understand. When Adhiraj shows no sign of understanding, Uday gets all Extra angry and Trying to get off the bed, Accidently topples over Adhiraj and Makes him hit the floor, Thus, Making him unconscious benji checks him pulse and finds it OK. Daadi Calls and asks if Adi was ready. Mayank asks benji to shut the door quickly.

    Outside the door,Adhiraj's father tells Daddi that the Hore-man wanted to talk to her and he himself goes to see Adi. He goes and finds The three friends of Adhiraj Hiding him who actually was Mayank who had worn the sherwani intended for Adhiraj. Adhiraj's father inquires What was the thing that Adhiraj wanted to Talk To him About? Sam covers it up with an excuse That Adi had a Fight with nupur and showing a pajama tellsAdhiraj's father that Adi had Not yet worn it.Adhiraj's father seemed to buy this story and went.

    Cut To GuNur: Gunjan tells Nupur that Mayank would take some more time and she knew no more because Sam was not taking her phone and Only send her an SMS. Nupur gets all worked up on this and is very upset. Gunjan tries calming her But she takes a iron and Plugging it in keeps it on the Joda(dress)

    Cut to Mayank: Mayank Phones his mother and finds out that She would take Two hours more to come. Mayank tells benji, Uday and Sam That they would have to do something about this problem. He Insists on waking Adhiraj Up But No-one seemed to agree with him. Samrat tries to make him understand That they should let sleeping dogs lie and Mayank should Wear the sherwani and be in the place of Adhiraj . mayank says strictly No But then Agrees just to sit on the horse.

    Cut to bui: Bui exclaims that Dia had burnt the dress. Dia says sorry and tells her to tell the pandit that they would be 2 Hours late. Nupur at last smiles at this When Bui suddenly remebers that She had had Nupur's Mother's joda. All panic at this and Bui goes to bring it becoming very happy. Nupur gets Very Worried at this as she ahd burnt her own joda and That was a BIG Apshagun. She cries and Gunjan tries to make her understand by telling that he Mom would always be with her and so She had no worry. Nupur seemed to be a Little less Upset at this. Nupur, Gunjan and Dia Hug.

    Mayank is carried in the arms of Sam, benji and Uday. They Make him sit on the Horse. Mayank tells Samrat that he cant do this But Samrat says that now, he had no other option. Adhiraj's father Tells Everyone to Stop. Screen tenses.Adhiraj's father tells Mayank to remove his veil (sehra )forthe photographer to click pictures. Mayank's hand goes near the sehra.

    Precap: Buaji Tells Nupur that he was Sad to see Nupur's bidaai's Tear's But he was althe more sad by Nupur's Sad tears. He says that Whoever came by the Horse today was The Boy intended for Nupur by Fate

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    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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