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    Default "Books help me to rejuvenate myself" - Shakti Arora

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    Popular actor Shakti Arora talks about his interest in reading books.

    This time we have talented Shakti Arora who is seen in Colors' popular show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi sharing his interest in reading books. Apart from taro card reading the actor also likes reading books.

    Let's see what he has to talk about his interest.

    What kinds of books do you like reading? He answers, "I like reading inspirational books like The secret and reading autobiographies I have read Charlie Chaplin's autobiography. Apart from this I read spiritual books which help me in taro card reading. I always carry such kind of books with me, its always there in my bag."

    So how do books help Shakti? He says, "Books helps me in motivating myself. If someone says something negative to me then books act like a solution to me. Books act as a dose of rejuvenation for me, it helps in getting out of the depression."

    When asked about his inspiration for reading books he says, "During school days I never liked studying because I always used to find logic in all the subjects. I used to think what is the use of Algebra, Geometry, History and why even I am studying hence I never took interest in reading study books. I developed this interest when some incident happened in my life and someone suggested me to read books. I was forced to read books otherwise I used to maintain distance from books as it has always scared me. The Secret was the first book I read and I found it interesting as well as it was easy to understand. Slowly and gradually I developed the habit of reading books it started giving me satisfaction."

    How did The Secret book help Shakti in his life? He answers, "The Secret changed my thought process, I feel in our society people have a habit of pressurizing and demotivating a person. Even if a person has the talent to do something, people in the society will suppress him or her by saying that you are not capable enough to do this. So The Secret helped to gain that confidence and made me realize I have the talent and I can do it."

    When asked if he reads novels or not he replies, "I don't read novels. I have just read one novel of Chetan Bhagat that is Two States. I don't prefer reading novels because I always need a positive dose which I get by reading inspirational books."



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