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    Kshan - Marathi Movie. Directed By Mandar Devsthali, Staring : Prasad Oak, Deepa Parab, Subodh Bhave,Uday Sabnis, Abhijeet Chavan, Surekha Rane, Neelam Shirke, Arun Nalawade. Music Director: Kishor Ranade, Lyricist: Nitin Aakhare, PlaybackSinger: Swapnil Bandodkar, Shivali Parekar.
    Synopsis - Neelambari (Deepa Parab), a college student, falls for a struggling singer, Vihang (Prasad Oak). Vihang cannot marry her because he is unemployed. Hence, Neelambari's frustrated father gets her married off to Nikhil (Subodh Bhave), a wealthy NRI. Neelambari is happy with Nikhil, but still cannot forget her first love completely. After three successful years of marriage, Neelambari coincidently meets Vihang, who is now a famous singer. Vihang is still unable to fathom the reason of his beloved betraying him, but is happy to see her living a contented life with Nikhil. It is ironical of Nikhil to befriend Vihang, unaware about his past with Neelambari. Later, Nikhil learns of Neelambari suffering from an incurable disease. Soon, Nihkil learns about Neelambari and Vihang's love story. Realizing that Neelambari doesn't have many days left to live, he maturely decides to let his wife spend some precious moments with her first love. The trio knows that they will be losing the love of their life. The trauma through which the three protagonists suffer forms the crux of the story.

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