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    Default Unless and until your intentions are good, outcome should not matter - Siddharth Kumar Tiwari

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    Producer Sidharth Kumar Tiwari in this chat with us speaks about Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian, challenges he had to face to bring something that is never seen before on Indian television and much more.

    Producer Siddharth Kumar Tiwari well known for his shows like Mahabharat on Star Plus and Razia Sultan on And TV is all set to hit the tube with his upcoming venture Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian. In conversation with the producer, Siddharth speaks about his show, variation in genres and much more!

    Speaking about the relatability of the show Siddharth says, "It is not my story but definitely one which we all have lived. Many of us have come from the outside to live our dreams. The story is very personalized as bits and pieces from my personal life as well as inputs from my team have made it fresh. This story highlights the experience of what happens when you come to Mumbai and are living as a paying guest. The idea was what is the Indian youth going through today; one youth that lives in the city, what is she going through and one girl who is from a small town, what is she going through. The whole idea is that a small town girl is not a behenji and the girl from the city does not have a lose character."

    According to him, churning out concepts with utmost brainstorming is of course a challenging task. Ongoing Razia Sultan, just ended Mahabharat and soon to air Manmarzian has its own essence and feel to it. "Star Plus is a great platform and they have an excellent team of people who wants you to experiment and not be in your comfort zone all the time. I thoroughly believe in trying something that is not in my comfort zone. I want to better myself with every new show that I do. Mahabharat was a completely different series - be it the visuals, execution, storytelling and presentations. With Manmarzian, there is nothing that you will find similar to anything that is on television today. It targets the youth. This is a show which we are making for ourselves, which I would like to watch. It is always risky and always on the edge thinking whether we should play safe or just go all out with the concept. We just went all out with the series and hope that our audiences will like it."

    Mahabharat may have ended but its impact is still fresh in the mind and heart of audience. Further in the conversation he adds, "I spent almost five years on Mahabharat. It was a journey where I was constantly worried about the outcome. That is how we are born and brought up. After you study and read Mahabharat, you will realize that the outcome is not in your hands at any cost. I have implemented in me to go out and do my best. Unless and until your intentions are good, the outcome should not matter. My only focus is on intent and not on outcome. Besides Manmarzian, the other show that's airing is Razia Sultan on And TV. Razia Sultan is completely different than what Mahabharat was and what Manmarzia is. From the storyline to the casting, everything is a challenge. My idea was to attract the viewers with good work. Mahabharat was mythological and Razia Sultan is a historical; the difference in visualization and portrayal is what we come up with. People should just like the kind of work that our production house does. We put in a lot of efforts in bringing in new shows with new concepts and freshness in look, feel, presentation and writing. And TV so far is doing really well and I want them to better."

    We wishes Siddharth Kumar Tiwari and his team good luck for his new endeavor!



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