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    Default Malika-E-Aliya Season 2 By Geo TV Episode 8 - 3rd March 2015

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    Malika-E-Aliya Season 2, story about a woman Malika-E-Aliya (Maria Wasti) who had greed for wealth and power due to which she suffered a lot of pain and disrespect. She realizes her mistake and convinces everyone in her in-laws for forgiveness. Khadija, Noman, husband (Furqan) and daughter (Rida) everyone forgives her and gives her the same respect and honor in the house. But Malika's mother Kishwar Naheed is still teaching evil and wicked lessons to her daughter. In future Raani might give tough time to Malika. Apparently Malika is acting quite innocently but will luck be on her side. Her mother-In-Law is going to appear in Season 2. Letís see if Malika gets along with her or will she have to leave her in-laws again? Is she going to work on a new game plan to acquire her in-laws wealth.

    Cast: Maria Wasti, Afshan Qureshi, Suhail Asghar, Imran Raza, Shazad Raza, Faiq Khan

    Produced By: A&B Entertainment
    Written By: Tabseer Nishat
    Directed By: Furqan Adam

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