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    Default The war begins in Maharana Pratap!

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    Pratap to fight his first battle..

    Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is all set to see their first fight in the coming episodes. Pratap (Faisal Khan) will help save his mother and take an oath to protect her.

    Our source informs us that, "Pratap determines to save his Mother from Jauhar hence he jumps off the bullock cart in which he was being deported to a safe area along with his brothers. On the other hand, Uday Singh (Shakti Anand) gives his weapons to Shams Khan asking him to keep them in lime water before use & gives a subtle hint of war.

    The character of Rana Bahadur (Dakssh Ajit Singh) is introduced, who comes to help Uday Singh in war. Pratap is in awe of Rana Bahadur & joins his army in war. Jaivantabai (Rajshree Thakur), Sajjabai (Divyalakshmi) & other women are preparing for Jauhar.

    Eventually Pratap takes an oath to protect his mother from the clutches of Jauhar.

    We tried contacting Faisal Khan but he remained unavailable for the comment.



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