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    Default Treacherous Bairam Khan brings in Changezi in another attempt to kill Pratap!

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    New entry in Sony TV's Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap as Changezi will attempt to kill Pratap.

    Danger and treachery lurks around every corner for the young Pratap even as he gets ready for his grand wedding with Ajabde (Roshni Walia). Akbar known for his scheming ways joins hands with Bairam Khan whom he almost killed for being a traitor to him and is seen contemplating on waging war against Mewar. Bairam Khan also brings in assassination Changezi (Sunil Sinha) to make sure their plans are sound and there is no chance that Pratap escapes this time.

    In a bid to toughen himself for this war against Pratap, Changezi subjects himself to extreme training in sword fighting and even mediates under water to strengthen his mental mettle. He is extremely loyal towards Akbar (Faisal l Khan) and is ready to sacrifice his life for him. After hearing from Bairam Khan that Pratap is Akbar's enemy, he decides to kill Pratap.

    While on one hand Pratap is getting ready for his grand wedding ceremony, on the other hand Changezi is getting his sword ready and preparing for Pratap's assassination.



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