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    Default Sajja Bai saves Jayawanta Bai in Maharana Pratap!

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    With the war going on, it is time for some Rajputana bravery to come to fore!

    Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is currently showing the Jauhar sequence and the battle that young Maharana Pratap is fighting.

    Our source tells us, "The upcoming episodes will show that the ferocious Maharana Pratap is fighting and battling for his life during Jauhar. However, while battling he encounters a trouble and witnesses his mother Jayawanta Bai Songara (Rajshri Thakur Vaidya) trapped between opponents."

    "Soon, Sajja Bai (Divyaalakshmi) too witnesses Jayawanta Bai in trouble and decides to land on the battlefield. She rescues Jayawanta Bai from the clutches of the opponents and eventually saves Jayawanta Bai's life like a true Rajputani."

    We tried contacting the actors but they remained unavailable for the comment.



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