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    Default Queens to fight with King Uday; Bairam Khan to confront Pratap in Sony TV's Maharana Pratap

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    The historical saga Bharat Ka Veer Putra…Maharana Pratap (Contiloe Telefilms) on Sony Entertainment Television that is currently playing with the Akbar track will soon see a lot more drama in the coming days.
    But before the fight would begin on the warfront, the queens of King Uday (Shakti Anand) will be shown having a hard time as his wives will all come together and fight with him asking for equality of their rights.

    The queens, Jayantabai (Rajshri Thakur), Bhatiyani (Aashka Goradia) and Sajja Bai (Divyaalakshmi) have cold war brewing between them since a long time. And now with their sons growing old, each would want their child to become the king which would make their relationship bitter.

    And in the coming episode the king will be shown having a tough time trying to manage his wives and will be contemplating to take a decision to keep all of them happy. So what will it be? Will the queens once again come back to living together like sisters?

    And on the other hand, Pratap who has being prying upon Bairam Khan (c) will suddenly find himself facing the latter and left to fight for his safety. Bairam who had doubted the young prince keeping an eye on them in disguise will confront Pratap and ask him to unveil himself.

    So will Pratap be caught by the enemies?

    We called up Faisal who said, “Pratap is a smart guy, viewers will get to see what happens when the face each other.”

    Wait and watch as the story unfolds.



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