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    Default Pratap to SHOOT Bhatiyani in Sony TV's Maharana Pratap

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    Now this will surely shock everyone!!!

    The perfect beta and ruler Pratap (Ssharad Malhotraa) will do the unpardonable in Sony Entertainment Televisionís Bharat Ka VeerÖMaharana Pratap (Contiloe Entertainment).

    The warrior prince, who makes every possible things to keep his family and kingdom happy, will suddenly be crowned a villain as he will shoot his step mother Dheerbai Bhatiyani (Aashka Goradia).

    Shocked arenít you?

    Well, there are two things to worry at the moment- firstly what is a gun doing in a historical show and secondly why would Pratap, the ideal son, create such a mistake?

    Let us give you the reasoning for both.

    The soldiers would lay their hands upon a gun left behind by a British army and bring it to Pratap. Intrigued by the machine, Pratap will be seen trying to figure out its workings when suddenly he will shoot a bullet through it. And the bullet would go and hit Bhatiyani, injuring her badly.

    Will Bhatiyani survive the attack? What would be the outcome of this accidental shoot out?

    Sources inform that the actors are shooting for the promo of the particular sequence.

    When we buzzed Ssharad he too confirmed shooting for the promo.

    Are you excited to see this particular sequence? Let us know in the comment box below.



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