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    Default Pratap to get Rajput community allied against the Mughal power in Sony TV's Maharana Pratap

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    The historical saga Bharat Ka Veer Putra…Maharana Pratap (Contiloe Enteratinment) on Sony Entertainment Television which recently completed 200 episodes is gearing up for action packed war sequences in the coming episodes.

    It will so happen that the Mewar king, Uday Singh (Shakti Anand) will decide to stand against the Marwar king, Rao Maldeo Singh (Surendra Pal) and battle it out on the war front. Maldeo Singh, who has recently being introduced in the show, is a powerful king and known to be the ‘iron man’ will have his army ready for the fight.

    But stopping the two rulers and feeding sense to them will be the young warrior prince Pratap (Faisal Khan) who will decide to show them the bigger picture. Pratap, who has had to face the wrath of the Mughal young king Akbar (Vishal Jethwa) in the past, has come to know about his mission of ruining the Rajputs.

    “Pratap will tell Uday Singh and Maldeo Singh that rather than fighting among themselves, the Rajputs should get together and fight the Mughals who are their true enemies,” informs a source.

    Pratap’s father will realise that his son is right and call off the war with Marwar. Maldeo Singh will also ponder over the thought and chose to join hands with Mewar.

    Talking on the same Faisal shares, “This is going to be a very interesting plot wherein all the Rajput rulers would plan to get together and fight off the Mughals.”

    Gear up to catch the action packed happenings on the show soon.



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