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    Default Pratap will be declared as the to-be-King in Maharana Pratap

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    Sony Entertainment Television’s Maharana Pratap (Contiloe Telefilms) is currently going through some crucial moments where a father – King Uday Singh (Shakti Anand) is about to sentence his son Shakti (Dhruv Sangwan) to death.

    But in the upcoming episodes, the King’s good friend Raawat Chunawat (Rajeev Bharadwaj) will manage to awaken the father in the King and save Shakti. In fact, Raawat will also decide on taking Shakti away from the kingdom.

    Thus the audiences will witness Shakti moving away from the kingdom and his mother Sajja Bai Solankni (Divyaalakshmi).

    As this track ends, a new story will begin. As seen so far, Pratap has won the battle against his brother Shakti. Hence he would be proclaimed the King. But, before this declaration can be made, the King will decide on talking to his queens especially Sajja Bai as her son Shakti was sent away from her.

    We hear that Sajja Bai will ask something that will shock the King as well as the others in the Kingdom. But it will be worth waiting for to see what her demand will be.

    However, as the story progresses, Pratap will be declared as the to-be-King and his crowning ceremony will begin.

    When we contacted Divyaalakshmi, she said, “Sajja Bai is heartbroken and has become mentally unstable, but she will soon compose herself and demand something from her husband, King Uday Singh.”

    It will be interesting to see what the demand of Sajja Bai will be.

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