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    Default Muskaan Nancy James to be seen as Meerabai in Maharana Pratap!

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    The pretty face will be introduced as the popular historical character Meerabai who will play a major role to influence Pratap and his mother Rani Jaywantabai.

    A popular name after Mata Ki Chowki, the innocent faced Muskaan Arora who changed her name to Muskaan Nancy James was quite popular. However, she is not to be seen on screen in recent times barring bit roles in episodics. Her last appearance was in one of the stories of Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath on Life OK.

    Now the actress seems to get back to serious work and has been roped in to play the role of Meerabai in Sony TV's popular show - Maharana Pratap. While Muskaan was unavailable for comment our source confirms the news and says, "Muskaan Nancy James has started shooting for Maharana Pratap since yesterday. She has an important and pivotal role in the show. Coming in as the legendary Meerabai, Muskaan will have scope to show her talent."

    "According to the story, Meerabai is supposed to be the wife of Rana Uday Singh's (Shakti Anand) elder brother. Due to her different ideology she stays away from the family but has an influence on Pratap (Faisal I Khan) and his mother Rani Jaywantabai (Rajshri Thakur Vaidya)."

    Much earlier we had reported how even Rajshree Thakur's character as Jaywantabai will veer towards Meerabai's preachings which will further influence her thinking. She too will ultimately go the Meerabai way. Adding to this our source says, "That will come much later. At present, the track shows as to how Pratap gets influenced by Meerabai and her teachings. He likes to hear to her bhajans and as has been always saying that he doesn't want any war or fighting even though he has been shown to be a brave warrior."

    Even though later Jaywantabai is shown to be influenced by Meerabai, at this juncture she advices Pratap to fight like a Kshtriya. "Pratap is soft hearted and as a 14 year old has his own way of thinking. However, his mother reminds him of his responsibility as a Kshtriya prince and guides him accordingly."



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