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    Default My journey has been amazing and incredible : Aashka Goradia

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    We speak to pretty Aashka Goradia regarding her character in the show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap as the show has taken a leap, her new look and more...

    She is vivacious, bold and beautiful. Yes we are talking about Aashka Goradia who essays the viciousn character of Rani Dheerbahi Bhatiyani and has been receiving accolades for her performance. As the show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap has taken a leap with the change in the characters, we ask Aashka about her look in the show, her bond with the younger kids and more...

    Let's see what Aashka has shared -

    Post leap in the show Maharana Pratap, how different is your character?

    Dheerbhai Bhatiyani has become stronger, wicked and more powerful. She has taken over the entire Palace of Mewaad, now everything is in her control and Pratap follows her and does whatever she says him to do.

    You are playing a mother to a grown-up child, so how different will it be?

    For me playing a mother to a grown up or small child does not matter. I think another character has nothing to do with; it is up to you how you play your role. I believe what is important is the whole story that is depicting the warrior's life and surrounding of his life. The story has to be shown from the start to finish; post leap every actor has adjusted into their character and so do I, we all are looking more younger in the show after leap.

    Have you worked on your look post leap, as your look has always been loud and appropriate to your character?

    Yes, I have specifically worked on my character and made it look younger with this new look. Audience will see younger Maharani now in the show.

    You have started your career with a daily soap and now you are a part of historical show, how has your journey been in television?

    My journey has been amazing and incredible. I think there is no role that I have not done on television. I have done everything when it comes to fiction, non-fiction or now historical, everything I have tried my hands on. Now I am very curious to know what my career has to offer me after this historical show.

    You have shared a great bond with the kids, how much are you connected with them now?

    I am very much attached to all the kids and missing all of them a lot. I stay in touch with them through phones and they have to come once in a week at my home to meet me. At least I have to see them once while I am shooting as it can't be a compromise of staying far from them for long.

    Lastly any message you would like to give to Maharana Pratap fans?

    I would ask all the fans to accept the show, I completely understand all must be used to see the old faces but we have to depict a story of warrior so leap was necessary. I am hoping now to have great feedback from the audiences.



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