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    Default No Jauhar to be shown in Maharana Pratap!

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    Last night’s episode of the show introduced Jauhar, a tradition followed by Rajput women but it seems that ultimately it will not happen!

    The current track of Bharat ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is showing the Jauhar Parampara amongst the Rajput women. Jauhar refers to the ancient Indian Rajput tradition of voluntary self-immolation of women in order to avoid capture or dishonor at the hands of Muslim invaders.

    In the recent episodes we saw Maharani Jaywantabai (Rajshri Thakur Vaidya) who is also the mother of Maharana Pratap getting ready for Jauhar.

    While our source says that finally there is no jauhar happening in the show we spoke to Rajshri Thakur to find out more. She is shown trying to explain the concept of Jauhar to the young Maharana Pratap (Faisal Khan) who is ignorant about it.

    "To satisfy his queries Jaywantabai explains how the Jauhar parampara plays an important role during war time. She narrates it in a story format. Jauhar in those days was not followed merely because it was a parampara but it was for protecting the self-respect of women instead of surrendering to the enemy when the men went on the war front. Since I am the first rani I have also been given the responsibility to get the others ready for Jauhar if needed" says Rajshri Thakur who excellently portrays the role of a mother to the young Maharana.

    Despite not being a mother in real life as yet, Rajshri says she is now geared to teach value lessons to kids like she does to the Maharana in the show. Talking about her role as a mother to the teenager in the show she says, "Even though he is a Rajput prince even he is not spared when it comes to punishment if he has done something wrong and is given the same treatment like any other common man. As a mother and as a Maharani I have to show a calm and composed nature which is how the Maharani was actually."

    That she is the first rani to Maharaj Uday Singh played by Shakti Anand who is shown to later have married many more times does not bother her character, "Jaywantabai is content being the first Maharani of Chittor. She is a completely different kind of woman and is not like any other woman who will get affected by all this. She is not jealous at all and in fact all the chhoti ranis like and have tremendous respect her."



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