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    Default Jagmal to get caught in Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap!

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    Viewers to witness Jagmal getting caught in Pratap's track in the upcoming episodes Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap.

    Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is keeping the audience hooked to the show with the interesting track that the makers are bringing in. The latest what you guys saw was AjabDe (Rachana Parulkar) learning the entire truth of Jagmal shooting Dheerbai (Aashka Goradia) and not Pratap (Ssharad Malhotra).

    The upcoming track will keep the viewers even more gripped. Our source informs us, "Pratap comes out of the prison to execute his plan which he had made to trap Jagmal. He reaches the place where Dhaman Singh was burnt and asks a child to lead Udai Singh (Shakti Anand) towards Bitholia village. When Udai Singh and Chundawat (Rawat Krishna Das) reach the village, they are shocked to know that Dhaman Singh is taken away by Pratap. He goes back to Chittor and moves towards a hut to inform Patta and Chakrapani that he has brought Dhaman Singh. Jagmal overhears this conversation and starts panicking. Pratap heads towards the prison and prepares for his execution. AjabDe asks Dheerbai to halt Pratap's execution as Dhaman Singh is alive. Meanwhile, Udai Singh visits Pratap who is in the prison. He learns that Pratap had visited the hut. Jagmal will reach the hut and is ready to stab a doll which was placed by Pratap and just then Udai Singh stops him."

    This track will surely interest the viewers.

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