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    Default I don't feel there is any need to ask anything from my parents for Children's Day - Faisal Khan

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    We got in touch with Faisal l Khan who talks about his memorable Children's Day and gifts he is wishing from his parents.

    As today we celebrate Children's Day, we have many TV stars who are children yet playing powerful roles on Television. One such brilliant child actor is Faisal Khan who was last seen playing young Maharan Pratap in Sony TV's popular show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap.

    Faisal is unable to go school on Children's Day as he will be busy shooting but he talks about his Children's Day memories and much more with us.

    Talking about his memorable Children's Day, Faisal avers, "I remember after completing shooting for my show Dance India Dance I went back to home during the month of August and I felt like a star as people recognized me and asked me to perform a dance for them in the school. It made happy and I was overjoyed."

    "We are allowed to wear civil dress only on two occasions in the school, the first is on birthday and second on the Children's Day. So we all friends used to wear civil dresses have lot of fun and our teachers used to explain the reason for celebrating this Day. The topic discussed in the school used to be about Jawahlal Nehru also known as Chacha Nehru and his love for kids. We used to celebrate this day by giving a tribute to him," says Faisal who talks about the significance of this day.

    Lastly we ask Faisal about the gifts he would ask from his parents and he avers, "I don't feel there is any need to ask anything from my parents as they fulfill the desire without asking me. The main thing that I want from them is just to continue showering their love and rest does not matter."

    Faisal we wish you Happy Children's Day!



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