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    Thumbs up Love Ne Mila Di Jodi 7th Jan 2010 written update!

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    Prithvi comes in the room.Damini tells him his clothes are ready and Prithvi says aren't you coming she says no my sisters need me at the moment.Prithvi says my mausi is old fashioned so if she says anything.Damini says don't worry i won't mind.that time mausi comes and she looks at the sofa and says who sleeps here.Damini says Prithvi's back was hurting so he slept there.and mausi says ohk.and she says to damini arent you going to do his arti and she says what.mausi says come downstairs i will get everything ready.she leaves the room and says so they sleep separately now i will use this against them..

    Downstairs Damini does the Prithvi'a arti..Mausi says why didnt you put sindoor, wonder what has happened to girls today.she puts the duppatta over dmaini's head and tells Prithvi to put sindoor and he does.Mausi tells Damini to touch her husbands feet and she looks at mausi and now Prithvi is getting mad. Damini gives in but Prithvi stops her and says Damini never did this and nor will she do it.Damini is equal to me and we don't need to do these kind of traditions.and he says he is late for office and leaves. Damini walks over to her mom's picture and says i will keep my promise and make this marriage work.Mausi says no matter what you do i have found the weaknesses of your are not worthy of my sons.and i will break this marriage.

    Mausi, Munna and rani go into Ila's room and steal most of her stuff.Damini walks in and all three are praying.and Damini thanks mausi for being here for them.Mausi says you are like my daughter, Damini sees the bag and asks what is it,Mausi says you have to distribute some old stuff of the late to the poor. Damini leaves..Mausi says Prithvi and Varun are out of the house and she tells Rani to keep Sameer out somehow and she tells munna to look over Damini and he says i would my whole life.

    Avni enters the room Sameer is painting and Sam says you wanted a boy so i did that part blue, but then i thought there is 50% chance for a girl so i did that part pink and then i thought there should be a neutral color so i did this part yellow.and then he squirts paint on her by accident and he goes to clean it and they are really close and he notices and he moves away. Avni says i know you are trying your best to make our relationship work and i have been hurt a lot but i dont want to complicate my life for our i have decided to give this relationship another chance. Sameer gets happy and says i will do anything to win back your trust and you can take as much time as you want. Avni looks at him and says he has paint on his nose.she goes to clean it and they stare at each other.and Rani watches them and she is angry!!!

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