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    Default Take a chance at love with ‘Love by Chance’

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    You see your parents bickering at one another, and yet not being able to see each other in pain. Rather confusing, isn’t it?! Makes you wonder, how did two people, who are poles apart, stumble upon one another only to have their “happily ever after”? Well, chance encounters do happen, and they do lead to ‘happily’, ‘ever’ and ‘after’ (not necessarily in that order!).

    Inspired by true stories of people who have found love through serendipity, Love By Chance, a new original 26-part anthology series to be aired on bindass is aimed to evoke just the type of ‘love’ly feeling that will pluck at heartstrings every week.

    Starting 31 May, the series will be telecast every Saturday at 7 pm, showcasing a ‘falling in love’ story between two young people who stumble into love just by chance!

    Disney India executive director – content group Indrajit Ray opines, “Since the success rate of most Indians in securing themselves a date is lower than you might think, we decided to create a show that will not only entertain these insecure hearts, but also provide them with a learning experience that will make these timid few let go the barriers they’ve created for themselves.” Let go and believe. Believe in your knees going week. Believe in that momentary stimulation in your nerves. Believe in love, by chance.

    To evoke the feeling of first love and chance encounters, bindass has roped in “a pool of writers” spearheaded by Vaibhav Modi of Bolt Media (a division of Balaji Telefilms). With a process that started 7-8 months ago, the network execs at bindass brainstormed on ideas circulating around the channel’s sole motto, “enabler of purpose of action” and pitched them to the production houses, which led to a script orders, and from those, a few pilots were ordered.

    The pilot of Love by Chance was shot a few months ago, and then screened privately across the country. Based on the optimistic audience reviews and early critical acclaim, Love by Chance was ordered for a 26-episode first season. The show is being used as a prototype by bindass soon to be followed by more scripted light-hearted romantic series that are just as entertaining as they are routed in reality.

    “We are aiming at the 15-34 year age group. Well, there are older people who want some nostalgia induced retrospective programme to reinvigorate their young spirit,” continues Ray.

    bindass’ marketing strategy for Love by Chance is a week long campaign starting from the series premiere with its off-air creative being by Marching Ants. The show also has a unique soundtrack to complement the anthology series. Composed by Abhishek Arora (Yeh Hain Aashiqui), the network has released a promotional music video for the series.

    Through its Facebook page/Twitter handle and Instagram account, bindass aims to push stories which will be all about chance encounters between two people. These will be in the form of Facebook posts in the Love by Chance template and further posted on Twitter. Approximately 15 such short stories will be pushed to generate interest and also to crowd source such stories. The aim is to get #LoveByChance to trend and all the tweets will be curated.



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