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    Default Parineeti Chopra speaks her heart out in UTV Stars' Live My Life 2

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    The girl who made one of the most stunning debuts of 2012, Parineeti Chopra speaks her heart out to her biggest fan on this episode of Live My Life 2 in UTV Stars.

    Tuhin, a fashion designer from Kolkata, first meets Parineeti while gorging on her favourite snack, pani puriÖthe two get into a competition of sorts and hog on the chat-pata street food before they move onto even more chat-pata conversations.

    Talking about her first break by her fan, Parineeti says, contrary to popular belief that she got her first movie because of her sister, Priyanka, the fact is she knew Manish Sharma (the director of her first movie) since a long time and thatís how she was approached. Parineetiís dad goes on to reveal that when they got to know she had bagged a movieÖ.the entire family got emotional and started crying.

    Parineeti further tells Tuhin how she is called a tomboy by her father and he always tells her to act feminine and classy and wants her to behave a little more reserved instead of being the frank person that she is! In return Tuhin tells her how her vivaciousness makes her so different from everyone else and that she should never change.

    Parineeti stumbles upon her photograph in her Tuhinís wallet and gets very excited and tells him that he is a true fan and even her dad had never kept her pic in his purse! At this moment, Tuhin springs up another surprise for Parineeti, he gifts her a gown designed by him, what made the gown all the more special was that he created it in one night after being informed that he was selected for the show.

    The fun-filled episode will air on 30 December at 7pm.



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