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    Default When Rahil Azam kicked Shweta Salve on her nose

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    Rahil Azam and Shweta Salve happen to be experienced actors who don’t mind going through the ‘unexpected’ while at work!!

    The talented duo was recently shooting for Ashwini Dheer’s big-ticket show on Life OK, based on the popular novel Gunahon Ka Devta when they had to shoot under extreme cold conditions lying and rolling on the snow in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

    Shooting under extreme conditions certainly needs a lion’s heart, but what if you get injured while you are shooting, but still have to go through the process in order to complete the shoot on time?

    Well, pretty lass Shweta Salve did exactly that, even though she was in pain and bleeding!!

    A source who was witness to the incident said, “Rahil and Shweta were shooting for a song sequence rolling down the snow in Kashmir. Since it was snowing and extremely cold, the actors did not have proper control while rolling down. And it so happened that Rahil’s boot hit Shweta on her nose. The actress immediately started to bleed.”

    The source went on to say that considering the huge physique that Rahil has, it should have been a shocker to get a blow from his long boot, that too on the tender part of the nose. But the senior actress did not complain or cry over it. She nursed her wound for few minutes and was back on her feet to roll down on the snow with her co-actor.

    Shweta was also seen teasing Rahil after the shoot, taking her injury in the right spirit, is what we hear.

    When contacted, Shweta Salve said, “Well, I cannot talk about the show till an official statement comes from the channel. So kindly excuse me”

    We could not get through to Rahil even after repeated attempts.

    We hear that the particular song that was picturized on Rahil and Shweta in this show based on the classic novel of D Dharamvir Bharati is an original soundtrack, worked out for the show.

    On this, a source states, “The show will have nearly 10 original songs to be aptly used according to situations.”

    Way to go, Shweta and Rahil!!



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