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    Default Skit competition in Disney's Lage Raho Chachu

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    Lage Raho Chachu (Contiloe) on Disney channel has been entertaining viewers since a while now. Every week it churns out fresh and intriguing content.

    In the coming episode Mr. Kapadia will be persuaded by his daughters to take part in a skit competition in their school. Kapadia’s wife and kids would also agree to take part in a skit as part of an interschool event. Kapadia would want to make the kids and his team proud so he will agree to be a part of the competition.

    Vivek chachu (Punit Tejwani) would be the director of the play. The kids, Daisy and Sejal will try their level best to encourage Kapadia's confidence but it would become increasingly difficult for Kapadia to remember his lines.

    The final D Day will arrive and Kapadia would be all dressed up in his lion costume and will get more nervous as time would pass by.

    Will the play go smoothly with no hitches? Will Kapadia make his team proud?

    Watch the show for answers.



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