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    Hello guys,
    KDMH is not being telecast after strike dilemma, and still chances are very low if they will show new episodes in future,

    we keep checking the status, as soon as new episodes are back it will be updated with immediate effect so don't be confuse that we aren't uploading the episodes or any other misconception....

    Also please do not start threads for new episode
    Hope to see new episodes soon

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    Thanks for the info

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    Thank you so much

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    ok i get that there was a strike n dat alot of channels n soaps wer affected by it buh da strike is over n most soaps are bk y is it that the interesting soaps like kdmh n kyunki ended on cliff hangers interesting bits...da ending of da showw... is this a scam, a way of channels holding on to der viewers by making them w8 i dunno im confused am i right or is there a real answer dat makes sense?



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